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let me know how you feel once you've hit the 20g mark at jcrew. so i made valid points....but that doesnt warrant posting about it on SF???how exactly do "normal people" bitch?if it hurts your brain, feel free to go back to the apc sizing thread+1. the dude thinks it was a lot of effort to take the email I had already written for barneys, then copy and paste it to SF.Apparently he would rather sit around and read mindless drivel.
LN-CC sent me 250£ out of the blue for helping them grow their company. Awwweessommme.
I got this same impression by reading his first post here. He's the sort of ex-pat attention whore that moves out to asia just so he can stand out as "the tall white guy" amongst a bunch of 5 foot asians. Now he feels the need to incessantly remind everyone how hard life is over in east bumblefuck china.A modern day Phantom of the Opera. Feel his has burdened him with a job in Xilinhot. The Great Wall of Disillusionment. So sad. Actually he probably couldn't...
i hope you went home and had sex with all of these girls at the same time.
Well I think you are wrong. Otherwise there wouldn't be two maxfield stores, hlorenzo, lanvin with full men's runway collection, dior homme and countless other stores that sell "crazy shit"Also, it appears Barney's does care about what I have to say because the vice president of customer service is calling me today.
lol. yah. what was i thinking.i will visit that one when i come up there in the next month or so. are the people there cool? the ones in seattle are great. when i was there, i asked one of their employees about other good clothing stores in the area and the guy wrote down a list of 5 other stores with their addresses and a good sales person there. thats pretty awesome when you think about it.
Barney's just reached out to me in Twitter. Will keep you posted.
Marc by Marc Jacobs. I bought it like 2-3 years ago at a Barney's CO-OP. His bags are surprisingly nice and well priced.
I ordered the 46 first and it was too small around the waist. It fit but squatting/sitting would have been dangerous since it is entirely made of silk.I bumped up to the 48. I absolutely love it. All the tunic-y stuff from the collection was fantastic. I got this one, the red variation with a cotton back, the black calfskin leather one and the white python one.
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