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***sq4you successfully casts Resurrection***no i still have them. i can put them up again for sale if you are interested.
Looks like Faust shares the same sentiment http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showpost.php?p=380444&postcount=106
are pigs flying? I think i agree with everything hendrix has said recently. i dont think you are wrong. the runway collection is the mainline. the drkshdw stuff may not be a diffusion but its definitely not the mainline either.you can usually tell pretty easily because the drkshdw pieces have a giant black tapeworm attached to them.
you get rick owens at your barneys? which one are you at?i understand almost everything Mr Thompson told me.i understand there are differences in the brands that will sell.and i also understand that the avante garde pieces wont sell in LA....however i think the whole "rick wont sell in LA" is BS.There are tons of celebs wearing rick...even taylor swift. maxfield gets 3 full racks of mens rick and it basically sells out every season. that shit even sells out in san diego...
yah i saw that you agreed with all that. but you also said I am not entitled to tell barneys their shit stinks because there are other customers who spend more than me
haven't you learned anything.......if you haven't spent a minimum of $40,000 dollars on the 4th floor, then you are not entitled to tell barneys that their website sucks. and even if you have....you should just "bitch normally" and keep it to yourself.
ok now this is starting to get interesting.
Why is it called Barney's New York then instead of Barney's California?The title of the post was "Why Barney's is Losing Me as a Customer".....not "Why Barney's is losing the woman who makes the $40000 impulse purchase of an Hermes fur as a Customer"Amazon showed that each additional 100 milliseconds of load time for their website cost them 1% of revenue.If Barneys has an item with no measurements on their website and LN-CC has the same item with measurements....guess who...
So the day after I posted the letter on Twitter, I got a phone call from Mr Thompson, the vice president of customer service for Barneys (formerly worked for Gucci and Moncler). The guy was really nice. We chit-chatted for a bit about teeth because I had just gone to the dentist, he apologized for my bad experiences recently and then we started talking about my letter. The first thing we talked about was the in-store experience at LA. I reiterated that i didn't have any...
you just don't get it. i like barneys. i dont want it to fail. its not a hidden fact that they have been doing badly financially for a while.who would be better "entitled" to give a store critique/suggestions than someone who shops there? did i say no one else is allowed to write them a letter? that sounds more like what you are saying.if you knew anything about me....u'd realize i'm not exactly the type of person to be driven by interwebz hype.is barneys 3rd floor "SF...
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