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Probably less inflation and more just a recovery from the bush recession.
I wouldn't say it's impossible. It's just EXTREMELY difficult. I think Alexander McQueen is probably one who had this genius....unfortunately the line between genius and insanity is very fine and often leads to self-destructive behaviour (musicians seem to suffer from this a lot).With regards to the pricing and the $5k+ leather jackets....this is not Hedi's fault. This is likely YSLs financial department suffering from the same mental disorder that currently afflicts...
This is a problem that every single designer deals with. And it is a insurmountable burden that every consumer places upon the designers.The struggle to remain true to one's roots while progressing. The two are essentially a juxtaposition.Designers who remain faithful to their aesthetic are branded repetitive or boring.Hedi, Neil Barrett, Dsquared, Pilati, Bailey, Decarnin, Thom Browne, Yohji, KVA, BoO, etcDesigners who progress and experiment lose their appeal because...
Not the best photos but whatever...better than nothing. Rick Raf Lanvin Lanvin
looks good but just because you literally walked across the street while wearing this outfit does not classify it as streetwear
Brands [[SPOILER]]
lol. we can't all be as socially adept and popular as you.
Yah I don't understand why people are hating on the SA concept. It's awesome when u develop a relationship where they give you discounts, put shit on hold for you before anyone else gets it, mail stuff to your house just to try on, get you drinks and whatever else you want while you're walking around looking at stuff, and hook you up with deals other people don't get.
I think Barney's CO-OPs should function as the Gateway Drug. At least, they did for me. I bought stuff at the CO-OP in georgetown and then got conditioned to spend more and more...then when I went to new york id go into....duh...barneys flagshipyes, it's called the Barneys Warehouse sale....happening in a city not near you.
Well this is kind of ironic http://www.pegasusne...-luxury-market/ Announced today: Barneys flagship in Dallas is closing WWD article that requires subscription:
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