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this is the most correct answer.However, as RFX pointed out, items which are on an official sale will not have VAT removed.If you use a coupon code which gives you a discount on full price items, then you VAT is removed.duties are now included on all orders to the US.
That's funny. I have a 40% off coupon for everything in the store and $400 worth of store credit that I got for free and I can't really find anything that I find super appealing this season.
I have the full collection available near me. Almost every item in stock. Let me know if you want something and I will proxy for a fee.Because every one of the items in the H&M collection is a reproduction of an OG margiela piece that is essentially impossible to find now-a-days. And if you do find the OG piece, it will cost you way more than what it originally retailed for.
The new order depeche mode haircut doesn't go with your clothing style at all.You need either goth ninja or raf simons.
AWang tank / Lanvin necklace, pants, shoes / Rick jacket Click for hi-res version
hahaha. what a dumbass.also, zippers change from runway to production all the time.
I am going to start a thread entitled "How to Avoid Fades in Your Raw Denim"
I appreciate that the first thing you think about when I post a WAYWT is my genitals.
jiyeah jiyeah. AR-six back in this bitch! hollaaaaa plus a video
is this still available by any chance?
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