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if i do get the jacket, it would likely be in size 48
I just realized I forgot to add something to my cart..... I would prefer the silver version of the satin strip pants but LN-CC doesn't have them. I had a hard time choosing between the black full cut pants and the grey striped full cut pants.
do you just hear the word "sidezip" and start to salivate? What if I told you my cock had a sidezip?
people that think the H&M versions are ugly would complain about the OG ones too if they were sitting in the H&M store.Margiela's pieces weren't all "traditionally beautiful." that wasn't the intention. they were amazing because of their complexity and ingenuity. most of the effort/research that went into creating the OG pieces was simply transferred over to the repros. the H&M pieces are pretty accurate. sure the materials may not be as good but you aren't going to be...
i'm sure there are an infinite number of other douchebags that bought it too.what exactly bothers you more?the fact that people who don't have an account on SF bought a margiela coatthe fact that someone who punched his gf in the face likes a jacket that you likethe fact that he's a celebrity and you dont want to wear something a celebrity owns because it will make you look like a wannabeyou sound like everyone on stylezeitgeist. if you like the jacket just buy the jacket....
At H&M now. White and black boots available in 42, 43 and 44. Hit me up if you want them. Will proxy for 40 bucks.
we don't buy outerwear in southern california.
this was one of the better pieces from the men's collection. the fabric was very soft and had an interesting texture.The lapels are cut off and attached to the inside. they were substantial and raw.If i lived in a colder climate i probably would have bought it.
the funny part is the idiots aren't even getting retail price back.
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