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why don't they just ban the ip address? its not like he is going to buy business class cable internet with 15 static IPs.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Really? That's ridiculously cheap yah i was wrong. i was thinking of another jacket i saw made entirely from python.
yah i know the models you are talking about. but that paneling/stitch pattern was present on CDiems before CCP did it I believe (i may be wrong about this). lots of boot makers use a similar panel on the lower front inner shin area. I think it's just a technical solution to manufacturing leather boots properly. some oldschool helmut lang boots i own have something similar. granted the grain and pointed toe are similar, I don't think Augusta really has any need, benefit or...
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Every pair of Geller jeans I've tried on fit me similarly in the top block-- very baggy and unsettled looking. And I was trying the smallest size available (44). The experiences have caused me to stop even considering Geller bottoms. They are made for people like CtK with thunderous and womanly thighs.
matching shoes (of pretty much any kind) to the rest of your outfit is one of the most horrendous things a man can do. but when you try it with red, you've reached a whole new level of failure.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 shit, your right. they measure 11.25 or 28.5 cm, not 12.25." thank you for asking. the matrix has you.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatguymj No way is that Rick croc jacket only $10k. That seems way too low. Shit, when I was in college working at RL we had a womens croc moto style jacket that retailed for ~30k, so I would think the Rick would have to be somewhere around 25-35k. Edit- just found a cropped woman verision that is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magic1 carol christian poell makes a boot with a rubberband, now augusta has to make a boot with a rubberband... they look totally different, but still. I don't think augusta (or avanticincotitredeuxquarante) really has a vision. Just turns out ccp/carpe diem look alikes and everything that doesn't look alike is scattered. Some cool, clearly well made offerings, but no real aesthetic in place. "CCP puts out a shoe...
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah i see a price tag
cool thanks. 31cm seems kind of big for a 40 though. they fit true to size?
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