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Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit ^ Obvious troll is obvious. If you're serious, don't bother posting here or visiting the forum. Actual intent of this post: I received the BoO shirt I ordered from Yoox, which was supposed to be an M. It's actually an XL, and it's not gonna work for me. Should I just return it, or should I flip it? It's short-sleeved and green, think I posted it in RPs recently. You talking about oldSFer? It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by James_M That video waywt was painfully awkward. Particularly around one minute in when you kind of shuffle forward then start playing with the cuffs like someone who is nervous and doesn't know what to do with their hands. ill do handstands for you next time k?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Why make sense when you can snark? isnt snarking exactly what you were doing regarding the people at the museum? it wouldnt surprise me if you were standing next to anna wintour and you had no clue who she was.
it wasnt the color of the sole, it was the color of the underlying suede.
oldSFer: oh wassup otter.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Still needs detail shots. The hate that will flow from this post will be awesome (JohnH, et. al. in 3..2..1...) Since when are you in SD? just moved about a month ago. isn't johnh the guy that wears size L and XL gap, lands end and jcrew? and i'm assuming oldSFguy is Kent $$? or is it otter?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol none of them are true fashion aficionados like you, cool the kid i was about to say...isn't cool the kid exactly the type of person that just goes in there and says "ohhhhh thats pretty"?
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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Yeah no SQ's comment is super off base. They're the opposite of that, they appear to be for people with huge asses and chicken legs. Like there was a pair of bucklebacks on the b&s recently with an 11.5 thigh and 36 waist and those weren't even "skinny" jeans. lol ive never tried them on. i was going off what BB1 said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol because changing your ip is easy, so is using a proxy changing ur ip at home isnt easy. its generally assigned by the isp to the particular address for a fixed amount of time.
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