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Hahaha. oldSFer trying to one up. he doesn't own those pants. but regardless, Julius twisted seam > CCP tornado. tornado's fall apart mad easy. julius is the epitome of industrial, post apocalyptic denim.
1: available in anthracite, black, bordeaux, grey or navy (more popular) 2: available in beige or tabacco (less popular)
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus needs to lose the tie unless he needed it for work which I doubt why should a tie only be worn with a suit/jacket? why are other non-functional accessories permitted?
Tatsuro Horikawa noobs.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Milan showroom. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tresbie...7627146126168/ awesome. thanks for the link. there is a lot in that show id like to cop. like those python boots and the python print tshirts. a couple knits. some shoes and the transparent coats. Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Only 34 online is the $1980 one, I can get 2 very nice suits for that price oh, earlier...
shopping in DC sucks man. whoever told you those boutiques were cool was lying to you. like you said, their staff is really great but all their clothes cater to the general plebe noob who has no real sense of what else is out there. all saints design is dope. however all their stores look exactly the same. good food: commissary, tacklebox (although it just burned down i think), Rice, Churchkey, Estadio (super awesome), Dino, PS7, Kushi, Chopsticks, The Source, Passenger,...
Quote: Originally Posted by sipang that's Jil ss 2012 yah but where exactly?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin lol http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6047/...2d78a5b7_b.jpg Is that in Chicago? Did u take that pic? I like it. Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Yeah, they all look like the super high gorge cuts, not a fan. Also, that's 46US which is basically as large as my 3-man tent. Did see some stuff on there that made me want to break my no-buying policy. That gray Lanvin blazer is mad...
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Saks not carrying Jil, Mcqueen anymore, Bloomingdale's not carrying MMM anymore, nothing but Vince., D&G and Dsquared2 as far as the eye can see. Rage. What's Georgetown Co-op carrying these days? Bloomis hasn't had mmm for like 2 years. They still have prorsum. Quote: Originally Posted by dopke Anyone have any place in NoVA/DC to get a pair of jeans hemmed? I'd do it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 http://www.barneys.com/Milly/Milton-...efault,pd.html The button stance on that suit seems awkward. Good find though
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