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probably the most boring head-to-toe MMM fit ive ever seen.
alt [[SPOILER]]
aka the land without gaga
really nice shirt.+1 so many angry noobs on here trying to cover up their jealousy by saying they aren't mad.regis and otter still jockin on your nutsack after 6 months! i see nothing's changed also lol at khoveraki and regis talking like they know something about cars they will never own.
yah H&M runway 2011 SS
the runway version looks a lot better. i wear it all the time. people go nuts for it.
Hahaha. oldSFer trying to one up. he doesn't own those pants. but regardless, Julius twisted seam > CCP tornado. tornado's fall apart mad easy. julius is the epitome of industrial, post apocalyptic denim.
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