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Corrective shoe repair on 21st and PMake sure you describe exactly what you want. For ex: if they should paint the side of the sole when they vibram or rebuild a heel.
the fanciest one is probably Parkway Drycleaners. they will do all your luxury clothes. they would handwash most of my margiela stuff. but they are expensive. my tshirts were normally like 18 bucks. knits are like 20. jackets and outerwear might be like 25. i cant remember might not matter to you since you do all black errythang but they are great with colors. will not fade at all or mess up exotic paint schemes. like my margiela spray paint stuff, my prorsum...
nah man. that was just superbobo. you can't hate on superbobo.
i would have worn my balmain sleeveless but it was at the dry cleaners.jil teardrop knits get jealous when they see my metallic lanvin polo
^^ your sleeves aren't long enough
get the fuck out miran. you are obviously a troll. ps. your polo is a piece of shit.
looking good marki. a nice break from the plethora of jcrew and big & tall noobs.
amen. sweet jesus who the fuck is noobizer and why has he recently become so annoying? is it his period or something? all he does is bitch and whine about SW&D.i think he's mad he doesn't own any nice clothes.noobizer, go back to MC where they worship you and your ill fitting, self-proclaimed 2 dollar blazer.
whats going on here? attack of the fugly quarter-placket day?did i accidentally click on the MC waywt thread?
Lol. Looks more like Greensboro NC to me.
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