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i love that oldsfer has pics of me in his spank bank. lolwaxing is for girls. and gays. coming from you of all people.
first you say its easy and you can do it in 10 minutes and ud give it away for free.then you talk out of your butt instead of producing anything.then you fabricate excuses for not doing it.I'd like to hear what else they taught you at ITT Tech
i would do that myself but it's probably illegal.that would be terrible. if people think raf's current collections are boring now, they would only get worse at yves which is extremely conservative.his comment at the womens show was weird: "The last in my couture trilogy" was Raf Simons' description of today's (sep 24) Jil Sander show."raf simonsjil sander menjil sander womenis that the trilogy he's referring to?
hows your little jquery plugin coming along? did you get it to print hello world yet? its been 40 minutes now. i'm not seein it lloyd.
why you mad brah?do it in 10 minutes. you have till 10:57 jquery could you be more of a noob?you gonna get jquery to write to the filesystem through your butt?
yah exactly. the ultra high res ones. mine does them all and the detail pics.
this doesnt surprise me doesn't work for the high res pics on GQ and its not automated.with one click you get over 6gb of images with my app.
I wrote an app that downloads every runway collection from GQ in high res (some seasons are only available in a lower resolution so in those cases it gets the best possible). It also downloads detail pictures in the highest resolution available. you can specify a designer and season if you only want one collection. you can also choose a list of designers so it will retrieve every season for those specified designers. it runs on Linux and Mac OS X. If anyone is...
yo tell that girl sq4you says quoneecheewa.i'd nihao all over that
+1 probably the worst balmain jeans ive seen.
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