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Lel those pants are horrendous.
Prorsum APC Lanvin
dont let his low post count fool you. he's actually been banned 8 times already.awesome shoes. i will order a pair as soon as prada sends me a damn catalog.
bubba is like a noob that walks into a store that sells diamonds and asks "why are all these shiny rocks so expensive? they look like the rocks in my yard."he didn't agree with you. your similar viewpoints stem from two different forms of idiocy.
which hotel? renaissance?
selling my vandals for 360.
oh hell yeahh! double win. bottom one is ridiculously awesome.
yah they fit true to size. you are correct. i sold my size 41 MMMs. Actually i have one pair left bnib i need to sell.
i may sell my patent black vandals; probably the best raf sneaker. they are size 41 and i need 42.
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