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SNS is the new H&M x MMM side zip which was the new MMM gat which was the new CP which was the new APC
it was probably adidas and all saints
yah the velvet is pretty incredible.i'm tempted to keep them and put them in a glass vitrine...then in 20 years when some museum is doing a retrospective on margiela they would have these pristine babies.i might be selling my vandals only because I bought them at a time when I was stupidly convinced I was a 41. #needsomewiggleroom
oh you mean these wish they fit medo you still have the Raf patent vandals? you shouldn't need any other black shoes with those.
if you return an item to an overseas merchant you can get the duties back.
this is ridiculous. why didn't you just buy normal black boots from H&M or from All Saints??
From this day forward, you will be incessantly answering the questions "why do you have a bib on the back of your shirt and why is there a fish on it?"while your original RP sparked me to say id rather buy H&M MMM than current MMM, berneysed's comment that he likes current season MMM over OG MMM is what got people riled up. Have you ever heard someone say this? I haven't. and it's pretty perplexing.berneyseyd said the current collections are more wearable which doesnt...
this doesn't make sense. nothing from recent seasons is "quirky" like it used to be. nothing is remotely as clever or thought out as OG mmm.every season it's the same stuff churned out in different colors or fabrics:elbow patch crew necks5zip leatherendless lowtopsa midtop or two (either gat style or OG hightop turned mid style)fugly hightopsa sidezip chelseasome oxfordsseveral suits all of which have nothing new or particularly "difficult"a bunch of jewelry that looks...
I'm more inclined to cop H&M x MMM these days than real MMM
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