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I've never understood why people don't just order two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit.
Mauro Farinelli already tried this and it didn't work out well for him. He now has a suiting business in DC. I have no clue how that is going but if you did something similar you would be competing with him. Then there is lost boys, jcrew, barneys co-op all of which have decent suits. Boring classic menswear is covered by josabank. For shoes there is already alden and allen edmunds. several hipsters already run accessories brands in dc. People who don't dress well in DC...
^ someone on sufu already did
My gf got me the white boots in size 42 from the DC store for christmas. That was nice of her.
no way dude. shoe trees will destroy your augustas
virtual woodwork: that little sliver of screen space between your browser window and the edge of your monitor.
i think he is referring to a small demographic of plebes that don't know what they want and act out by buying everything that's on sale in various sizes knowing they will return most of it.this is amounts to "virtual cockblocking" (or VCing if you will) since other people can't get items they actually want and intend to keep.
needs more groupthinkwalking groupthink.all your clothes seem to be very slim fitting. i don't think this works very well on a person with big muscles.your tee shirt also looks too smallGAT's look terrible here. just because you own the number one groupthink item doesn't mean you need to wear it in every fit. also, if it's cold enough to wear a beanie and (what appears to be) a peacoat, why would you roll your pants up to expose ankle?
this may sound absurd but how about buying a bag?
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