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I'm glad to see DM making some models again in the UK, but talk about too little too late for the British worker. Nice to see the real oxblood back as well.
I was at my local department store today, and came across Levi's 501 Shrink to fits, in black. I wasn't aware they made these at all. Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm sorry if this has already been discussed. My search fu is weak and I didn't see anything on them. Here is a link of a store selling them:
Great thread. I have never been into low pockets either. I'm always paranoid about my wallet (falling out) when I sit down, and sitting on it doesn't help. Thanks for all the ideas stated here.
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer And don't forgt to shave the handlebar mustache unless you want to be mistaken for a completely different kind of 'rider'. Ah, you are thinking the Folsom street fair kind of biker.
Quote: Originally Posted by Style_Deficit So, is it OK to wear a biker jacket if you aint a biker, or is it just totally not cool? Most of the "bikers" around me don't wear jackets, let alone helmets. When I owned a Hardley Ableson, none of the other Harley riders would wave at me when I was wearing full gear, including armoured gloves and pants lol. The riding gear that I see mostly on bikes, especially cruisers, are wife beaters,...
Here was the thread when I asked about the same jeans: The answers that I got is you better be skinny lol.
Back in the fantastic 80's, I wore them in school. I was also one of the dorks (wasn't the only one) who mixed up pairs. We're talking light blue, yellow, orange, and well, I will not admit to the other pair I had.
Dan, It doesn't look like the most practical item. What would she wear them with? If she needed or wanted something more for day to day, how about a normal glove in leather, maybe slightly longer to go with all the shorter sleeved jackets that are in right now?
I found a weird pair of Levi's on ebay today: These aren't my size, nor is it my auction. I figured I would post them here and see if anyone knows anything about this model? I don't recall 519s, and I couldn't find them on here using the search. They are Orange tab and NWT so maybe someone here would want them anyways. eta: Searching online, the only 519s I could come up with were women's. I know Levi's has used...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix Sure, Ferrari and Lambourgini shout "exclusive" .... for most of the owners they also seem to shout "douchebag" and "overcompensating" for a percentage of the guys that own them anyway. I wonder what jeans would say Lotus Elise or Lotus Exige.
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