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Crumpled newspaper. (Do I repeat myself?)
Ventless. Keep hands out of pockets.
I wear white sweatsox with penny loafers/desert boots and chinos. Always have. No complaints. (So far!)
Gorgeous watch!
It seems to me that a few color combinations (e.g., red-on-black/grey glen plaid) require black shoes. In fact, the British Army notwithstanding, I'm hardly ever comfortable with red-cum-brown in any of its permutations. Pink and brown, too, seem a bit of a stretch.
acidicboy, You're right. No one listens. No one cares. I've got to get a life! Mike
On every measure (save appearance) a crumpled-up sports page is superior to any shoe tree (including bespoke at $400 a pop).
A sportcoat so conservative that it could almost be orphaned from a two piece suit. Almost any slacks will go with this jacket. If gray, they should be either a good deal lighter or somewhat darker. Either way, appropriate for academic or casual business wear (not, IMHO, for investment banker or tax attorney). Wash pants (khakis) and penny loafers could effectively dress it down. Just one man's opinion.
Trajan: Mr. G. is at the Huntington Hotel today and Saturday. His email address is Best, Mike
Many excellent suggestions here: Getz, Bill Evans, Johnny Hartman, Chet Baker . . . And here's one that comes with a money-back guarantee: the sound track from the seventies film "A Man and A Woman."
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