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Can anyone suggest an L or U shaped couch for a family/sitting area? Prefer low profilel/non-bulky, but still comfortable. Cloth (not leather)... utilitarian (we have kids). Thanks in advance. Budget: under $5k preferably...
Tried this recently. Was actually pretty good.
I have sold a few items on Grilled where the person was out of the US (and their profile was blank, and they made no mention of it in our negotiations). I just asked them to please add another PayPal payment with $XX for the shipping. If they were not OK with that, I simply refund their payment. Pretty simple. Most everyone has been amicable and has sent the additional money.
This is very good.
That's... just wow.
SG that is incredible. May we have some interior photos?
Amazon has some.
Hello again.
Allen Edmonds did.
I guess so.
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