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Pretty cool find for me. Found this nice piece of art all by its lonesome in a corner. It still had cardboard covers on the corners, and was certainly never hung on a wall. On the back was a sticker which made deciphering the signature much easier. It also told me that the artwork was auctioned off on a cruise ship. Of course, I was curious. I contacted the artist - still living, and with a modern website: http://bullart.com/ - and asked him some questions about this...
Those will clean up nicely.
Each pass of the the iron adds $50 to the price.
Thanks guys. Keep the ideas coming.
Anyone have ideas for an entryway armoire for coats/jackets/shoes? Something in a mid-tone solid wood. Needs to be fairly large i.e. 70" tall, 48" wide, 24" deep. Under $5k Wife wants to go custom because she hasn't found anything online.
@The3rdConch0rd a very cool look, but more importantly - a great achievement. Congratulations, and full speed ahead.
One of these:
Thread hyper-lit, cot dam
What is this about American made dress hoes?
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