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I wonder how much my Ravello/Whiskey Vass shells would fetch... [[SPOILER]]
Grailed is now paying your PayPal fees on transactions. Pretty good deal. We know you hate paying PayPal fees as much as we do. That's why we're paying all PayPal fees for transactions done through Grailed. For a limited time, when you buy or sell an item on Grailed , we'll pay the PayPal fees. This applies to all new sales, regardless of when the item was posted. You don't have to repost any items. Now you get PayPal's great Buyer and Seller Protection, for free! We'll...
Kind of a great deal for a killer cardi...
Big ups to big Spoo. That is all.
that's when you were your lesbian niece, right? [[SPOILER]]
Yeah.... that outfit is pretty shitty IMO. Super feminine looking with the capri pants. Horses for courses.
that bag is awkward size
Aldo doing nice things.
There are at least 3 members here who would like proof. PM them.
New Posts  All Forums: