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Guys, is this the Hedi Slimane-era YSL Rive Gauche Homme or Tom Ford-era?
-Magic Johnson
The Pasha was the first waterproof watch, made in 1932 by Louis Cartier for the Sultan of Marrakech, who had expressed the wish to be able to wear his wristwatch also while bathing. Cartier invented a device, by which the crown watch is protected by a removable metal cap with internal rubber seal; the cap itself is secured by a metal ring on the outer tube, so that it cannot be lost. To operate the crown the steel cap is unscrewed and screwed back on after the...
Thanks for the info Dino. Is yours the "Millennial" version with the blue indeces on the bezel? Seems there are a few versions of the watch - for instance my chrono seconds hand is different from yours. And there is also a version with 'Cartier Automatic on the dial instead of just 'Cartier'.In any case - I think it's an awesome watch in every respect. It was more expensive than the Daytona when it was introduced!
New addition. Cartier Pasha 38mm Chronograph with the lovely F. Piguet 1185 movement and platinum bezel. The movement. Nicely decorated and finished (click for larger). Known as the Cartier Cal. 205, the F. Piguet 1185 is one of the great movements of our lifetime, featuring remarkably smooth actuation, an 55-hour power reserve, an incredibly thin profile, and high-end technical traits like a vertical clutch and a column-wheel. (text from Hodinkee) This movement is...
@Spoopoker bruh
A marvel from BERLUTI. Beautiful, decadent sport coat. Size 56R, but fits more like a 54R. 100% Cashmere. Soft and luxurious. Condition is essentially NWOT. No signs of wear. MSRP $3,500. Drop to $975 shipped in the US.
@Dino944 - thanks for suggesting going directly to a Cartier boutique for a strap. They had what I was looking for. I believe Camille Fournet makes their straps these days?
GOOD. LORD. @thebuddahman Two days. Two stores and two e-thrifts.LV French Company coin purse/wallet.Corneliani minty 18.75 micron jacket [[SPOILER]] Brioni x2 [[SPOILER]] Domenico Spana for Oprah Winfrey's good neighbor Robert Veloz. Ridiculous jacket in the best quality shantung silk I've ever handled. Check the spoiler for construction goodness. [[SPOILER]] Two e-thrifts. Orphans, but I couldn't resist...And this guy. This is a thing, right? 100% Cashmere with a buttery...
This watch is so good.
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