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rokor, post it on the the Purse Forum. I bet you'll have an answer or at least a consensus in under an hour. Something about the stitching says "not authentic" to me, but I hope I am wrong!
Dopey - I would just have them do a full service on the movement, with a light cleaning that will not affect patina. That's it.
They do, and I did. It was a nice watch - very tool-y. I dunno - something about looking at the Tudor case, and then the Rolex case(s) made me think that there is a reason that Rolex is more expensive. Tudor looked sort of cheap in the flesh by comparison. I was not at all impressed with either of the Black Bay models, and the Internet-revered Ranger is way too big for what it is trying to be.
Did not try it on, unfortunately. A reason to come back there sooner than later I don't think I am a big fan of modern subs, based on what I have seen in the flesh. Older, domed crystal variants are more my cup of tea.
Foo, I cannot fathom how the 372 would work for you.
Was in Carmel over the weekend and went to Fourtane to check out some Rolexes with my wife. Dangerous. She loved the two tone Steel/Rose Gold 31mm DJ. I tried on various 36mm DJ's (finally convinced they are too small), 41mm DJ's (too contemporary), and a Submariner (not what I'm into right now). But no watch caught my eye and lust like the 39mm Explorer. What a tremendous watch all around. I also tried on the $60k Platinum President Day/Date and that thing was a...
Thanks so much. This is very helpful.
Damn, that's awesome. Thank you for the explanation.
So... this website is basically saying that melt price is 1/2 of the price of 1oz of gold ($600ish). http://www.silverrecyclers.com/Calculators/gold_calculator.aspxBut you say I would get 90-95 of spot price, which appears to be the same thing as 1oz of gold ($1200ish).Which is correct?
Oh - nice. Thanks!Any ideas if my 2oz estimation is too high/too low?
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