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JLC Geophysic. 38.5. Auto. 2 hands. Really nice IMO. Only 58 pieces made however...
Thanks to this thread, this is now my favorite tumblr. http://fbotd.tumblr.com
The RO TT looks a lot better here. http://s115.photobucket.com/user/Boa2_photo/media/Watches/31563EB9-EEF1-4231-9A65-CE15E9648F2E.jpg.html
Hit Control+F5
ross my ninja, how are you? nice to see you posting.
Don't mean to stir anything up, but for those of you who paid with a credit card who are waiting months for a refund: why not just request a chargeback from your credit card provider? It would speed things along greatly, methinks.
It's a shitshow. They have a suicide smiley.
Gentlemen, let's not discuss the past. Let us move forward to the future, to new endeavors, to fresh pastures and great expanses of used goods that we may or may not return to their original retail stores for 10,000,000% profit.
This is SZ and bits of SF as well
He's a bad little boy. Napoleon syndrome, etc.
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