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Dodgers Division winners. Playoff losers. Repeat.
Not a fan of either. The DD is the better of the two watches IMO.
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That would be @RegisDB9 level
t-shirt with overcoat is previous level
Sometimes I think Kaplan and I share a watch brain. The accents kind of ruin it, at least in the photos. Definitely need to check them out in person. Aside from that they are the best new release. The Tudor Smurf is a close second. The rest are not to my taste.
Wow - art page. Nice job, guys. Found this a few hours after seeing that jaw dropper from jinda. A Hendrikus Elius Roodenburg original.
Actually, I think this model is $3650 - so, rather a good deal if you can get past the... ahem... looks.
Who doesn't?
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