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I'll get photos at some point and you can take a look.
Maybe not bridle. Here's Terry's description of the belt in an e-mail: The leather is slow-tanned in oak-bark tanning liquor over a period of 12 months. The thickness is 5.7-6.5mm (15-16oz). The buckles are hand-cast and hand-finished solid brass.
Fok, Do you have a belt from Terry Dear? If not, you should get one. I have one a few years old in his ultra thick bridle leather/natural oak bark tanned and it is aging in an amazing and beautiful way.
I wear the same watch as Buzz Aldrin wore while taking space shits.
Business is business player.
Who doesn't love a good luau?!
American Corvette lol
You're right. Sometimes I play t-shirt roulette with my t-shirt drawer. Whichever t-shirt gets chosen at random is the shirt I use to pick up my dog's feces that morning. It's great.
None of this looks good.
Needs more stacks.Needs more stacks.
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