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Benesyed has a collection of large jackets.
Gonna dress up like Benesyed did last year when he went as himself. Here's a photo:
I really like the looks, mechanics, etc. of FER00017 but the branding makes it really difficult to pull the trigger. I feel like it's a ton of bang for the buck though...
Foo was most helpful. I'm just an indecisive dude.
Are Ferrari Panerais completely gauche for non-Ferrari owners?
Well, I got scammed there 2 years ago and almost lost $4k. And it seems like anyone can make any name, and there is a lot of "similar" e-mail address type business happening, where people make a similar address to a known member and try to pose as that member. I just don't see that anywhere else and wonder why it happens there.Foo, this sounds like an amazing scenario. But I am not really sure how to achieve it, short of flying to Europe.
New Posts  All Forums: