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eazy... what did Spoo trade you for those baller Brioni croc shoes?
There are at least 3 dudes there who lie about it. One of them posts here.
Hi sinned.
Do people there post videos of themselves doing the pullups? Or is it like they just post without proof... YEAH 100 TODAY WOOO....
Hirsh was terrible. I never made fun of her because, well, even if there is a chance she's really sick and potentially dying, etc. then I'm not going to go there. But every post was either something she ordered, the same fucking photo of her in her jeans and over-sized bespoke shirts, or about her health. Or all three. And that' all. Over and over again. I mean... at least miran is somewhat entertaining as a troll who gets banned all the time, but Hirsh... jesus. Literally...
There are even subcultures within SWD. I would say the following are its own little bastions of style for better or worse: 1. Alden thread. Uncles and Nephews frolic and bathe in each other's shell cordovan induced foot sweat. But only in the greatest of health. 2. Yohji thread. Homeless 20-somethings experiment with gigantic clothing meant to be seen and observed as a mirror reflecting the beauty and space of self. Only wear the clothes for photos. 3. Mod to Suedehead...
Found 20 Kiton suits. [[SPOILER]]
Datograph is dope.
I just sang the Canyonero song from the Simpsons, but instead of Canyonero, I substituted Huydiniro. It worked pretty well.
The problem is you are wearing dresses.
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