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I am not trolling (do not speak for me). PM me for details.
Only vendor who should be publicly flogged for a variety of reasons is TOJ/dive restaurant owner Drew. All others should be publicly thanked for their loyal service to their customers.
You have been banned.
I have received a package from New Zealand in 3 days. UPS from the East Coast takes 7 days minimum. Shit is sad.
I never provoke anyone or butt in to any conversation that has nothing to do with me for any reason, seriously. Let's just drink tea and wear bath robes.
The average CM'er is paid $350,000 and receives annual bonuses of $150,000+. The average SWD'er receives a $40 allowance weekly, and an extra $10 if mom is feeling generous.
I did not realize there was a minimum earnings threshold to being charitable.
More people should dress like him if it means they will be as charitable.
To all the turds in a punchbowl making fun of Ronaldo's haircut (amongst other things): https://twitter.com/naptimedoe/status/480866654973612032/photo/1
New Posts  All Forums: