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aww yiss
I had the darndest time when I found out that nahneun was a good ol' boy from Alabama.
Found something ridiculous - waiting for this guy ^^ to confirm.
Unless they search your personal belongings and find an empty watch case, receipt, etc.I have heard of people buying watches and wearing them, while shipping the boxes/receipts home.
Don't know your budget but this is dopehttp://www.swissluxury.com/ulysse-nardin-watches-freak-phantom.htm?gclid=CjwKEAjw5NihBRCZmdLkuuTHyWYSJACtCY0JzFLsEraidt9MsJF3xNMeVQwOuu2aSnCen1ZtrrXpCRoChjHw_wcB#2086-115
BLNR mo betta
This looks awesome.
Nice. I was infatuated with the original orange-rimmed PO when I was younger. Still like that one.
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