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"Anything nice is always ruined by a middle seam." - Mr. Moo
Boxer briefs ftw
Wow, I wonder how much they paid to have that removed.
theres no white available there commando nut breeze is the way to go
Went to M&S once, really needed to use the bathroom. They said their bathrooms are for regular customers only. I wrote a 1 star Yelp review on the spot and pissed on their doorway after they closed for the evening.
Vachetta is the same leather used by LV in their handbags (the pale tan handles, etc.)
Never seen a good looking PH shoe or boot.
Don't get PH love at all.
Mr. Porter has been on sale for a few weeks, and the UK sales started yesterday.
I am not trolling (do not speak for me). PM me for details.
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