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I once met a few members of this forum for lunch. I won't mention names, but one wore a three-piece suit, another wore top to bottom CCP, and I wore a lumberjack outfit that was obviously in the multiple thousands in MSRP. We were walking along a boulevard when suddenly we were surrounded by what appeared to be thugs. One of the thugs spoke and said that they are cannibals and they will kill us, cook us, and make canoes out of our skins. But, since they were not completely...
Agreed. No reason to sell the Speedy, really. Tried on the 36mm DJ today and it was way too small for my taste (I have 7.5" wrists). Tried on the 41mm DJII and it was really nice. The Milgauss models are also nice. Not sure what the plan is at this time... lots of choices in this price range.
Oh shit.
Going back a few pages... my Vass shell is thick and awesome.
Thanks guys. I'm keeping the Speedy and will keep on shopping.
I have a secret... [[SPOILER]]
Basically, if I have a watch that I like I'm going to wear it almost all the time. Other watches probably won't get worn at all.
Small dick jokes are like farts: you make fun of others about them, but in the end you have a small dick.
I pretty much never use the chrono feature. Just thinking of getting something new, and I am 100% a "one watch guy"... but I love the Speedy and feel like I would regret selling it at some point. Ugh.
Thinking of selling my Speedy to fund a 116200... crazy?
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