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Audi A3 Diesel. Los Altos Hills. 5 Bedroom cabin. Bawlin.
This is my favorite MB.
Found a 60s/70s Lee Sanforized denim jacket. Pop pop.
From what I read on here about it, the site is coded incorrectly/in a (way) less than efficient manner. That seems to be the issue. And apparently it's expensive to fix.
Somebody needs to do something about the NMWA site. I know Greg is fully aware of the issues, but that is step 1. Step 2 is doing something about them. I'm on a fast as shit connection and still can't get anything to load in less than 1 minute.
You mean our baby pictures?
Very cute kiddos. Congrats.Here are mine: [[SPOILER]]
Lulz. But seriously - is this a real thing, or was it made up on here? The title appeared one day and I still have no idea how it came to be.5 pounds/month = 1.25 pounds/week. I think it's doable. I'll be thrilled to be at 199 tbh. Thanks for the vote of confidence! (0)
220. Have not been under 200 since I was probably 14.
Trying to hit 190 by... June. Wish me luck. It's funny - I actually have no idea what or who is a boxercise toughguy.
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