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Guys - GUYS This is a good one. I got this a year or two ago. Never wore it. Just hanging on the tie rack. It has always baffled me. Did someone sew a Land's End tag on a super nice 7-fold made in Italy tie? What is this madness? Any ideas?
That is one cute kid.
Brand new, un-laced, shell cordovan Allen Edmonds Park Avenues with the AE custom sole in my size? Sure, why not.
Those are nice, but how do they look when wet?
@My Main Man, congratulations! One of the pure joys in life is getting the keys to a new home. Enjoy it!
Thought I was on Slickdeals for a second
Rolex is fake.
Check this out: http://nvca.org/pressreleases/58-8-billion-in-venture-capital-invested-across-u-s-in-2015-according-to-the-moneytree-report-2/ Specifically, this section: "As has been the recent trend, the Software industry continued to receive the highest level of funding of all industries in the fourth quarter, receiving $4.5 billion going into 369 deals for the quarter, despite being down 24 percent in dollars and 17 percent in deals compared to the third quarter. For...
Yes yes, the sky is falling. http://techcrunch.com/2016/04/11/u-s-venture-capital-firms-just-gathered-up-the-most-money-theyve-raised-in-a-decade/
New Posts  All Forums: