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Good day. Gravati Peccary shoes Charvet E. Zegna Bvlgari 7-fold (6-fold?) Sawyer of Napa shearling, real horn buttons Ghurka 83 bag
RIP Robin Williams.
Not sure if these have been posted... could glean some info here. http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/04/mythbuster-gemming-is-bad.html http://forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewtopic.php?id=6446 http://forums.filmnoirbuff.com/viewtopic.php?id=12383
Apparently I have been shirtcocking at home for years.
Nice try SB, but I will not Google shirtcocking at work.
I actually LOL'd.I wear loose fitting tops to hide my dad gut, but love to wear tight jeans to accentuate my dad dick. It balances out in the end.
Today I learned that shoe guts look like ground turkey after a few minutes in the frying pan. Thanks.
Was not a humblebrag... just stating facts. I arrived at this conclusion through many trials and errors, mixed with blood, sweat, and lost moneys. [[SPOILER]]
What does gemming failure look like and what does it feel like? Not that I have to worry about that, as I pretty much only wear Vass and St. Crispin these days...
Since this isn't getting a response in the shoe care thread... how should I treat/condition peccary shoes?
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