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You're doing it wrong by not having your employer pay for your phone and service. I have not paid for either in about 4 years. It's rather nice.
The point is not that they have been around for years (though I did not know about them), but that the one I posted in particular was built by a single man in his own workshop, much like how @SkinnyGoomba builds items in his workshop. I'm almost certain that the items that SG has built have been made, in one form or another, in the past. That does not dimish the cool factor of seeing one of our own members make something awesome by hand.
@SkinnyGoomba figured you might enjoy this... http://imgur.com/a/AIENz
L'As du Fallafel changed my life. Seriously.
The more I wear it, the more I think the Rolex Ceramic Submariner No-date (ref. 114060) is just about a perfect watch. Looks (subjective, but it's no red-headed stepchild), proportions, balance, durability, bracelet (!!), comfort, and of course versatility. I'm having a hard time finding something similar.
Not a big PAM guy - something about them looking better in photos than in the flesh (to me), but this is pretty damn cool: Lo Scienziato Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT
I would guess it is due to rarity. I do not like the new VC Overseas. Date placement and certain other details are not to my taste. I actually do really like the current one with blue dial - it is lovely.
^ which app is that? I need dis.
Me too. More pics to come.
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