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Maybe, if you're lucky, he'll send you a pair of his panties.
Because you're too busy opening up a new restaurant, remember?
Was at a local Walgreens the other night Trying to score some motherfucking Pocky Sticks, aww yiss Guy comes in, immediately notice what he's wearing Banana Republic everything, so obvious So good, so meticulously timeless Walk up to him, steezin pretty hard myself Even his cologne is Banana Immediately become great friends Share Pocky Sticks on the bus ride home
I think a dark brown pair of heavy-ish boots and a plain dark green tee would make this look better instantly.
???"we are closing up shop in a few weeks to a few years, get your orders in now motherfuckers" [[SPOILER]]
The pants are corduroy? Or what are they? They seem too loose and slouchy/messy/baggy. The color of the MMMs is very summery, while the rest of the fit is autumn-y. That shirt is not flattering in color or pattern. Just trying to help here.
Yes, but I'm a baby-skinned angel so it's all good player.
this conversation tho
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