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7. Order all of your pants from Ambrosi. It's the best, fastest, and most reliable way to get your bespoke pants.
Judging by the martini, not yet...
Nice 39mm MUT Moon up there! Since we are doing driving shots...
Yeah, totally not enough sweaty Patagonia underwear being posted.
I the new 911.
Schott goat leather bomber Tom Ford cotton/silk polo Raleigh slubby jeans Lanvin captoes Rolex 114060 Gold and Wood shades (no vis)
Here are a few of mine from most affordable to, ahem, divorced:LonginesZenith ElitePatek Split Seconds ChronoUlysse Nardin Anchor TourbillonBreguet Tradition Répétition Minutes Tourbillon 7087
Thrifting for a living would take all of the fun of thrifting out for me. Pressure to find stuff would ruin the experience. Kudos to those who can do it day in, day out.
[[SPOILER]] BisonCottonWool/viscoseCottonShellSteel/ceramic
New Posts  All Forums: