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Oh shit, I'm blind. Thought it was on a seam
That's a $10 fix, player
Where's the best place to get an IWC serviced? I gifted an IWC 3227-03 to my father, and it needs servicing. He took it to a local place and they said it would be $1,000+. Is this expected for a simple 3 hand watch?
Bay Area stores love selling fake shit. It's disgusting.
What the duck Nat
It's been drier than a $10 hooker here, but I managed a few nice things. NWOB AE 1776 60s Schott Perfecto 601 Le Creuset teapot NWOT RRL Slim Straights Levi's vintage Type 3 Recent Zegna Trofeo Recent Zegna Su Misura Prada Leather Man bag - this thing is incredible
I never pick up fodder. Unless you're running an ultra-efficient operation it's just not worth it.
There's an old man that visits a thrift store that I go to on a regular basis, and I always see him switching tags on things. Like a $4 item for $9 item. One day maybe I might mention something to him about this being shitty, but what's the point?
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