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Thx guys.
Almost everyone in this thread is asexual.
I have a pair of P2's in a 1/2 size up and these are just a tiny bit more narrow, IMO. My P2 are shell so that may account for slightly more volume as well.I believe so.
Hey guys, need some advice. When we were in Paris last year I bought my wife a Cartier at "the" Cartier store. About 6 months ago she noticed it was running slow - this is a quartz watch, mind you. We took it to our closest Cartier store and they sent it in to have the battery changed. It seemed to fix the issue for a while, but about a month ago it started doing the same thing. At this point we kind of think that Cartier needs to make this right - this was a brand new...
yo son, come on. jesus.
Role call.
Just got these. Worn 2-3 times. They are too small for me by a half size. Best for a US 9D or smaller 9.5D. Peter last (not the P2/New Peter). Great condition - see photos. Comes with box (a little beat up), Vass shoe bags and Vass shoe trees. $385 plus shipping.
Making it sound like I had one good fit. Go back to dissecting frogs.
the last 10 pages of commentary have been absolute shit. We had another interview in the office today. Guy walks in, looks good. Kenneth Cole shoes and briefcase but I don't hold that against him. Sits down, asks for water. Cool, no problem bro. I get up just as he turns his head a little bit to get a notepad from his bag, and I catch a glimpse of a very bright tattoo running down the side of his neck. It was hidden by his shirt collar, but not when he was in that...
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