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Saw a likely flipper in my neck of the woods. Kopped some stuff that I always pass on (Eton shirt, middle-tier jeans). Very skinny guy about 5'10". Young. One of you? Also - Balmain dress shoes. Kind of ugly, cannot find anything remotely like them online. Black, kind of pointy lace ups. Fairly benign looking. Mainline Balmain. Worth a kop?
What are these other bidding sites?
Ah, that is the "Reverb" version. Different lamp, but very close. Congrst, it's a nice piece of art.
Hi guys. Long time - feels like an eternity. I have had my thrift time and opportunity reduced by 90% due to a new position at a new firm. Thus I have been following this thread sporadically - everyone is kicking ass in various ways. Happy to see that. Well done. In my meager thrifting opportunities I have been able to find some cool stuff, I think. Some art: Jerry Schurr four color posted of Shadow Lake Unknown artist Lerman - I loved it A couple of travel...
Just checked, and my Grand Seiko is running 1.5s fast over 2 weeks. Not bad.
From a few days ago.
@Tchoy - thanks! Lovely watch on your wrist as well. @Mimo - for you? http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&goto=7329754&rid=0#msg_7329754
Nothing wrong with ETA. I'd go ETA over any other non in-house or ebauche. Easy and inexpensive to service, reliable, sturdy.
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