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Guys - with regards to polished vs. un-polished Rolexes. What is the rule of thumb? If a watch has been very lightly polished to make it look newer/better, is that a bad thing? Or is it only considered bad when the lugs/angles of the watch become substantially visually different from how they were originally made in the factory?
But I'm not gonna do any of that.
What is it with the watch forums and not taking PayPal/only taking bank wires? So annoying.
I want a BLNR.
ah come, we all friends, right? haha, just us guys hanging out and making your jacket, right? haha, yeah man, yeah. come to our new restaurant, haha.
No, I'm pretty sure I'm right. I was telling people how shitty their service is, and that taking full payments from jacket clients to then fund your restaurant ventures was shady as fuck.
Because I was dropping truth bombs and clarity grenades on those dopes.
I was banned from that thread (literally get an error page when I try to access it). TOJ sucks cocks and I hope they all fail at their jackets and shitty restaurants and burn in hell.
Was drinking Hibiki before you were in diapers bro
Guy in TOJ jacket scares woman in Korea: http://www.gfycat.com/FearlessWhiteFrenchbulldog
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