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That's at least a 60 dollar bill, Brando!
Thanks Dino! Yes - the dial is really something else. In fact, this being my first IWC, I'm highly impressed with the case finishing, dial finishing, and overall feel of the way this watch was assembled and finished.
I had a feeling you might get it Excellent guess, and correct.It is the IWC Pilot St. Exupery in 18K White Gold. One of 250.I think they released 500 in Yellow Gold, 1 in Platinum (auctioned off for charity) and 1k+ in steel.I love the weight and look of the white gold. It's a striking watch. The dial is actually a sunburst tobacco color. And the lume is pretty killer, too.
Good guess, Keith - but not it.
Is that stitch?
Well, those look like some of their ceramic "Big Pilot" models. Mine is not ceramic or from the "Big Pilot" range. Here's a big-ish hint (click for bigger version)
They have maybe 3,459,019 different pilot models.
I will say that the RD was a lovely, lovely watch. It was from their Sympathie line from the early-mid 2000's, so it was much more understated than some of their current offerings. The movement decoration and finishing was sublime. ... But as for the new one...
Does m_moria offer wide-ish lasts? Something with, say, a width of 4.5"?
Oh wow, cool coincidence. Good luck with the changes - that is definitely pretty fun. But it can be a bit stressful as well... so just sip on your favorite drink over the next few months and you'll be just fine. We changed our kitchen completely, blew out a wall, repainted the whole place, lots of new lighting, etc. Now we are working on getting our 4 decks redone (one down, 3 to go), and changing some things in the downstairs family room.
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