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Paris was just fantastic in every respect.
Nice thoughts. Zero percent chance of that happening.
But almost. ☺
Re: tech bubble. I recently had dinner with a few board members from AMD and Intel, and while there was no outward voicing of a fear of such, there was certainly some palpable trepidation for the coming few years and beyond.
Hey, that's a big win IMO.
I paid less than $1,000/sq. Ft. for my place in the heart of Silicon Valley so I feel pretty good.
I feel bad for anyone trying to buy their first home in the Bay Area. It's simply brutal now.
Details on the Teddy jacket seem off to me.
It's technically nice, and is for a true WIS. The idea of a quartz-looking watch, that isn't actually a quartz has little appeal to me. Most of Habring's offerings seem like nice watches to round out a collection of 20.
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