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dat shaggy dog
Would prefer to stay in the US for the purchase. So no discount on that particular model?
Barely used. Factory lugged Vibram sole. Very thick leather, each boots probably weighs 2-2.5 pounds. Retail is $1200. No marked size - best fit is for a US 9D. No box/bags - just the shoes. $475 plus shipping.
Guys, what kind of discount can one expect on a new Rolex Explorer 1 ref. 214270?
Can someone give a brief run down of the different Tank and other rectangular Cartiers? There's, like, 7 of them at different price points and sizes and they are all good?
I recently saw a video of how Panerais are put together in their factory, and the amount of machine intervention was really off-putting.
Thx. Just look for 14k, 18k, etc. Also, gold is heavyish... so the sleeve should feel heavier than normal.
Has been an epic week for me - First, the Chanel coat in mint condition. Then, 1.5oz of gold buttons on a Belvest jacket. And yesterday - this guy, brand new: http://www.watchwindersplus.com/Underwood-UN-2101-Leather-Executive-Briefcase/dp/B00HDPHTIQ The stock photos are total shit and don't do this thing justice. Really, really nice briefcase. I should do this more often.
Here is the 372 on someone who has a decidedly larger frame than Foo - and it already looks just about comically huge to me. Get the Cartier!
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