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Awesome. Mine has stains too!
Is that an authentic Wegner that you thrifted? If so, That's on my "will likely never find" list.
Has anyone ever sold a Class-5 Marty McFly orange vest? If so did it do well? @capnwes @Nataku
ELI5 re: Browns Beach?
The Ricoh GR is the finest camera I have ever used, all things considered.
Unfortunately, these are both replicas.A real Cartier Santos 100 XL in Rose Gold with a black bezel would have different sub-dial spacing, leading to a different 'Automatic' font and shape. The back of the watch would be in gold as well, not stainless steel.The Corum has inferior dial work.Don't feel bad about asking this, either. Better you ask now than drop $1,000 on a pair of fakes.At one spot a month or so ago there was an eBay printout of a Rolex Yachtmaster II in a...
Size 40R.
Stranger Things was excellent.
Man, I gotta get up to the City more often.
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