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6 dead, 7 wounded in 367 days.
As in... Berkowitz?
Sorry bro, I can't hear you over all of this awesomeness.
Or maybe it's because cargo pants are for children and fishermen.
brad you are so predictable
Couple more of the Eidos Casentino wool jackets from Bloomies: http://www1.bloomingdales.com/shop/product/eidos-casentino-field-coat-bloomingdales-exclusive?ID=1082973&CategoryID=3864&LinkType=&linkModule=1#fn=BRAND%3DEidos%26spp%3D1%26ppp%3D96%26sp%3D1%26rid%3D%26spc%3D1%26cm_kws%3Dfield%20jacket
- Michael Scott
Du lookin like he got his inspiration from Mandy Sellars.
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