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Spoo hooked me up with a super dope tie. Thanks buddy!
Sigh. My one clothing related sales regret. Should not have sold these.
Don't buy those.
I need to ask my family to place some orders. Don't PM me. I won't help you.
There was not a single mark or label or stamp anywhere on them.
These anything?
Looks great! Thanks for the update and enjoy your jacket.
Worn once or twice. Like new. Sitting in my closet for 2 years (folded, not hung). Great color. I believe it is not offered any more. Retail is $285. Asking $150 plus shipping. PayPal included. Tagged size is XXL, but best for someone who normally wears an L or XL.
Was about to buy a nice Inis Meain cardigan, but then realized that I would wear it 3x/year. Meh.
Can someone send me the 9D and 9.5D list please?
New Posts  All Forums: