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Strange how I was mentioned. Probably miran.
Says who? You? I bet stitchy would disagree wholeheartedly seeing as how he has dumped a few mortgage payments worth of hard earned cash into a new wardrobe over the last year or so. Again, not everyone needs to follow the captain of curtains to full on psychosis. It's one thing when you are wearing that as a barista, but stitchy is in a professional field surrounded by colleagues and consumers on a higher level than, erhm, some people here... so wearing a fresh load of...
Why? He looks good in most of his MC stuff, and it fits his lifestyle, persona, job, etc. Not everyone needs to dress like a wandering hobo from Qatar to feel good about their clothing choices.
congrats on calling stitches obese
Click here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/403302/ccp-derbies-bone-off-white-cream-ccp-size-8-for-a-us-9-5-10
Selling some CCPs - check my signature. Looking for a quick sale.
thanks jj kunk, i figured
How much is that jacket from Serie?
REI and Nordstrom carries them. Easy returns if they don't work, too.
I've never had Superfeet work well outside of a pair of super roomy/voluminous Blundstone boots. Usually when I put Superfeet in, even the thin black ones, too much volume is lost and the shoe becomes way too tight everywhere. Hence, Tacco insole is my recommendation.
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