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Also, sleeves will come up about 1/2"-1" after it is broken in.
How does it looked crumpled on the floor of spacepope's apartment? That's the real test.
There is no C last... F U C K are lasts in order... looks like a chop job.
Dude casually posted this on TRF... $1M++ of watches...
This is actually a great suggestion. I am looking at a 183...
I have no need for a true dress watch. No way on disliking the Inge... it is fantastic.
Ah yes, the 3227-01 has been on my radar for a number of years. If I could find a minty fresh one I would seriously consider it. I cannot do 36mm watches, at least not Rolexes. They look really small on my wrist.
I think I'm going to take a step back and re-evaluate all the other options out there as well. There are a number of watches that are catching my eye, so I'm going to take my time.
Guys, thanks for the feedback. I am sort of undecided about two watches right now. This exact DJII: This IWC Big Ingeniur Plastiki, which hit me like a brick wall yesterday and I've been thinking about it ever since: Thoughts? Opinions?
I once met a few members of this forum for lunch. I won't mention names, but one wore a three-piece suit, another wore top to bottom CCP, and I wore a lumberjack outfit that was obviously in the multiple thousands in MSRP. We were walking along a boulevard when suddenly we were surrounded by what appeared to be thugs. One of the thugs spoke and said that they are cannibals and they will kill us, cook us, and make canoes out of our skins. But, since they were not completely...
New Posts  All Forums: