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I will say that the RD was a lovely, lovely watch. It was from their Sympathie line from the early-mid 2000's, so it was much more understated than some of their current offerings. The movement decoration and finishing was sublime. ... But as for the new one...
Does m_moria offer wide-ish lasts? Something with, say, a width of 4.5"?
Oh wow, cool coincidence. Good luck with the changes - that is definitely pretty fun. But it can be a bit stressful as well... so just sip on your favorite drink over the next few months and you'll be just fine. We changed our kitchen completely, blew out a wall, repainted the whole place, lots of new lighting, etc. Now we are working on getting our 4 decks redone (one down, 3 to go), and changing some things in the downstairs family room.
I see - that is a shame. Probably an issue of stretching oneself too thin.
There is probably a reasonable explanation for this. Aren't they on SF? Did you try calling them?
Ah, I think we can start a club! Congrats and welcome
Hmm... well that's a rather large box...
I bet that recliner is super comfortable.
Hot damn! Congrats - this is awesome.
Had to (unfortunately) return the Roger Dubuis. Total bummer, but there were some issues. The retailer has been great about the entire process, so kudos to them. Have something else coming though...
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