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Caught some cool light this morning.
Yup. My mistake.
I believe these are Alfred Sargent.
Yes, just came today. They are superb.
Moo Goes To His First Estate Sale Pretty fun. Made very fun by a delightful group of elderly women escorting the shoppers throughout the home. Vintage, mint, wonderful deerskin gloves with wool inserts. My size. Unused set of awesome steak knives, made in Germany by Henley & Co. For personal use. Polo 14k Gold Filled belt buckle Stone cold mint Dunn & Co. Harris Tweed jacket. Absolutely awesome. GRAIL FOR ME. Vintage Dunhill lighter. I have been hunting one of...
Just three finds today. All true thrift. Borrelli shirt in my size. Tiffany & Co. x William Yeoword crystal bowl Ferragamo purse, new without box. Authentic. Paid up a bit but worth it.
They can be had downright cheap on fleabay.
World War 1 era ebony wood brushes and comb, with leather carry case. Brushes are made in Japan, comb in Germany. Thorens Brass and Onyx desk lighter. Bottega Venetta Braided Handle Intrecciato Hobo Bag
Artwork makes a world of difference.We used Closets by Design. Good product, crappy service.I'm sure there are higher end options as well.Home ownerships all a fun journey, even if you dump 6 figures into your awesome new home. Ask me how I know.
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