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thanks Snoogz!
I hope 2015 brings as much exotic luck to everyone as it did to me Python Gator Elephant
Go for it.
Share with meeeeee
That jacket is Dylan.
I haven't seen a single pair of Pantherella in any of the Marshalls I've visited. Best item (and the only "baller" thing, really) was an RLPL suede sport coat for $499. Oh yeah, and a Ferragamo briefcase in baby shit brown for $799.
Thanks guys! Really helpful stuff.
Oh wow. If I can get some Fit 5 and Fit 6 adjustments, I might wear these more. Sorry for the noob question - who do I contact at StC to get this process started?
Yeah that t is pretty dope.
Wait - this is a thing? What kind of adjustments can be made, and what was the approximate cost?
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