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It's 100% cashmere.
Guys, thank you for the feedback. I am still leaning towards the Explorer 1. However, just saw this watch (mentioned a few pages back as an alternative to the watches on my list), and I like it - and it's just about the same price as the Exp 1. What are your thoughts? www.govbergwatches.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/VACH300208_7.jpg
How dare he resell something for a profit?!
Tell him you love men with large feet, then wink and touch your lips a bit.
Time for some Real Talk by MooAy, real talk, this outfit looks like it was put together by Andrea Bocelli.
You hit the Powerball?
Thanks for the reply. Is there a Mark XV vs Explorer comparison somewhere? I cannot do 36mm watches. I have tried them (DJ, Explorer) on at different AD's and 36mm looks really small IRL.
Guys - If you had $5k-ish to spend for a versatile watch, neither too dressy or too sporty, what would you do? 1. Rolex 39mm Rolex Explorer 214270 2. Rolex Milgauss (black dial) 3. Rolex Eplorer 2 (black dial) 4. IWC Mark XV (38mm?) 5. Something else (no Omegas - already have the Speedy Pro which I love, and no Rolex subs - too sporty for my needs) I am leaning heavily towards the Explorer 214270, but just want to cover all bases in case I am not thinking about...
I read somewhere that there is a minimal difference between regular condoms and magnums.
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