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One thing I will say about the 114060 is that is is a dirt/dust/smudge magnet. I cleaned the sapphire crystal and ceramic this morning and there were little stains and such on it by lunch. I am mostly at a desk or client meetings all day, so I have no idea how it all got there. Didn't seem to have this "problem" with my Speedy.
I looked pretty hard at the 39mm Explorer, but in the end I, too, was disillusioned by the really short hands. A lovely watch, otherwise, in all capacities.
I think the 3-6-9 marker are actually white gold, no?
I was looking at the Club Auto and Dunkel at 38.5 and 41mm. Nice, nice watches. Not enough bling for me. I am OK with admitting that.
Can't wait for the Mr. Porter sale.
Benes needs to sell all of his outerwear and start fresh. That vagina coat and this stiff looking thing in particular.
Re: Nomos. I like the brand and what they seemingly stand for. I like their gumption. I like many of their designs and detail choices. But in the metal the watches were very underwhelming (someone up top said he got an "is that it?" vibe when holding them, and I feel the same). Nothing against Nomos or those who wear them, but I am now certain they are not my cup of tea.
I see you @nicelynice (at 0:25) Slightly NSFW:
Big drop.
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