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I need to move to the Midwest and live like a fucking oligarch.
We about to get a spin-off thread, y'all
I am comparing production methods in two related industries. What is the alternative that would make their jewelry better? An old man by himself in a small room making all of their jewelry?
I mean... I'm pretty sure a giant machine isn't setting their 5 ct. diamond rings. So if by "mass produced in a factory" you mean there are jewelers who all happen to be working inside of a nice, bright, air-conditioned room, in good working conditions, with employee benefits and workers compensation coverage, then yes - they are mass produced. Much like Patek Phillippe is mass produced.
Tiffany's makes excellent jewelry in their high end segment. You must be looking at $600 silver-plated napkin rings.
I have never found any top end Savile Row stuff. Ever.
@sinnedk please do not buy guidis. All of your other boots completely obliterate any offering from Guidi. Remember, Guidi was a tannery that started making shoes... and it shows.
What magical fairy land is this?
I think it's pretty simple, actually. Eugene (Faust) has always preached that he wants SZ to be a special, highly-curated forum. That includes the SZ B&S forums. With Grailed making SZ's B&S forum look like a garage sale, one can understand Eugene's conniption. He can't ban or intimidate Grailed, so he finds other outlets.
New Posts  All Forums: