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Plus, anytime you want you can just head on over to the ocean. Wait a second…
I think people do this before they donate to deter flippers. That's my theory.
This.Don't feel obligated to do anything. You are in the market, you're looking around. That's it. Enjoy - open houses are pretty.
I hear you. Certainly there is some give and take with moving to a less expensive part of the country. In my industry, however, I would likely be earning the same (maybe a very small pay cut). In fact, we had an employee move from CA to Kentucky and her salary was not altered.I come across company census data regularly, and most of my clients are tech companies who hire all over the country and have employees work remotely. The salary differences are minute compared to the...
Had a nice little haul today...
I need to move to the Midwest and live like a fucking oligarch.
We about to get a spin-off thread, y'all
I am comparing production methods in two related industries. What is the alternative that would make their jewelry better? An old man by himself in a small room making all of their jewelry?
I mean... I'm pretty sure a giant machine isn't setting their 5 ct. diamond rings. So if by "mass produced in a factory" you mean there are jewelers who all happen to be working inside of a nice, bright, air-conditioned room, in good working conditions, with employee benefits and workers compensation coverage, then yes - they are mass produced. Much like Patek Phillippe is mass produced.
Tiffany's makes excellent jewelry in their high end segment. You must be looking at $600 silver-plated napkin rings.
New Posts  All Forums: