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I bet she is either living from her parent's basement or a trust fund. Makes more sense than welfare. I knew you had the right set of skills for baguette making, Fuuma. Well done and congrats.
How does she make money? From Welfare? Unbelievable!I am not in finance FYI. Are you a baguette maker?
Honestly though... where is she wearing that? To Starbucks? To a business meeting?
Most bizarre find the other week: a framed letter and 3 unused tickets to the 1995 NBA Finals from the CEO of an investment group to the VP of Ross Stores. The kicker is that they were Game 5 tickets - there was never a game 5 to be played. I did not kop.
Well, there are certainly many options in your price range. Look at the Omega Speedmaster 3570.50 - the original moonwatch. It is excellent and can be had for under $3k. Panerais are distinct and have no real competition in terms of styling and heritage. Their size precludes them from working for everyone, so try before you buy. I would not dismiss Rolex simply because others around you won't understand. Are you buying a watch for yourself or for others?
Sleeping on top of sheets and with a comforter on top of you is previous level. I sleep inside my comforter between my mattress and box spring.
They are superb
Had a jacket - sold it only because it was too big. I liked everything about it.
114060 for the perfect do it all watch.
New Posts  All Forums: