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Worth it.
Since you are in SF, can local members see these items in person?
Damasko manufactures their own steel, which is 7x harder than stainless (typical steel used in watches).http://www.damaskousa.com/technology-watchcase.asp
Damasko DA36 I am strongly considering one on the new bracelet for well under $2k.
What is CPCP? That is a lovely watch, Dino.
I also really like the Damasko DA36 as a "beater/tool" watch. Especially on their new bracelet...
Ugh... I don't want to hear this. The Speedy is a gorgeous watch.
It's strange how perspectives change. I took these photos about 2 weeks ago, and thought that the first two were too small (36mm). But now they look great to my eye... I prefer the first two, and probably the first one the most.
I just was not really a fan at all...
Looked at some Rolexes to get an idea of size and style that I like. Also tried on a Panerai. Liked the Rolies, not the Panerai...
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