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For me it's my wife, two daughters, and a live-in nanny.... do... do I need to buy 4 watches?
The weather in my neck of the woods today.
Atta boy. Congrats.
Cobbles McGillishoe in San Jose, CA
Everything is a thing if you want it to be.
Buy all of the counterfeit stuff and return it to Nordstrom.
Appears to be a Q7.
Well I mean, obviously most of my collection has been remastered in 4k at this time. But I have - of course - kept the original files as well. Much like the LP vs CD discussion, sometimes there is no substitute for the original. As for my tastes, well.... let's just say that Uncle Nephew is not only on point, but also the title of one of my many, many well organized and curated folders.
Try the Dries thread my friend! http://www.styleforum.net/t/381876/dries-van-noten
To put into perspective, most men have about 2.5 Terabytes of porn.
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