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But... I posted so many fits.
You're going to need a 2nd hand, man. Big congrats!
Wait... are striped (pin and chalk) suits not a thing anymore (for wearing)?
Congrats! 2ac is a dream.
@Nataku and other LP dudes... Are you buying these LPs to flip or for personal collections (or both)? LPs are always abundant here, but I have never looked through them because I have no idea what to look for (in terms of flipping). Any advice/thoughts?
Final art update for this piece.I spoke to the artist. She is no longer painting, unfortunately, and could not recall the name of the painting. However, she did say that the theme is the end of a dinner party.Said to place a value of $5,000-$7,500. [[SPOILER]]
Dam son
It's a cool piece, isn't it? My wife looked at it and just said "sex. it looks like sex."
Update: I took the painting home and opened the back gently (the paper backing) and found a business card of the artist. Frances Poole. Pretty happy - I've reached out to her to learn more about the painting.
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