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Abraxis you were a pleasure to meet in person. Not sure what your problem is.
I get no pleasure. Just standing up against everything that's wrong with this forum.
You guys are so soft.
No. Just commenting on how crappy your trolling is.
nahn's trolling has certainly taken a turn upwards in terms of consistently making shitty trolling attempts. Not sure why... over the last 6 months he's really tried to become the main dude in that department. Not particularly witty or original, he seems to try and pick the easy joke or troll in order to gain as many thumbs as possible. Usually the people thumbing are fellow diminutive Asians, so it sort of makes sense that they would all stick together like penguins...
That's like asking kgfan why he's steezin
Good stuff on totally opposite ends of the SWD spectrum. Keep posting.
Why don't you both come take a look at my Pink Sheet. Bring cash, and come alone.
Ah, cool.
New Posts  All Forums: