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Love/hate relationship with Gr.
Can't remember the last time I bothered to buy Canali for a flip. Usually priced high ("ohhhh, "Canali!" must be expensive") and sells low. Not worth the time to me.
Guys, what do you look for when scanning crystal ware? Any telltale signs that make you examine further?
I am thinking of maybe sending them to B. Nelson, but not sure about the work they do. I do believe it's no more than 1/3 the cost of what Lattanzi quoted.
Right - those are my thoughts too.
Dudes - need some opinions. I thrifted some fairly well-used Lattanzi shoes the other week. They fit and overall are a nice shoe. I reach out to Lattanzi about a complete re-crafting and was quoted $450. This includes new soles, new "interior", slight size adjustment (if requested), etc. Basically they will "look like new" according to them. Worth it? Seems like a shit ton of money for a recraft, but third parties will likely not do as thorough and complete job as the...
I think it's going on a wall in our home. It looks great in person. Very vibrant.
Realized that is a shit photo... here is a larger version and two more.
It's hard to beat Uncle Nephew.
You guys are crushing it! Been a while since I've found some good art. https://www.nietofineart.com/john-nieto/reproductions-serigraph/rabbit-after-durer-serigraph
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