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Bentwood Prague 811 Chair, Josef Hoffmann for Thonet (Please pardon the mess - we are not normally filthy, but we have a load of construction happening and there is constant dust/debris in the home).
Great post, Dino. Don't sell Foo short, Coxsackie. He may be bristly but he does know a good deal about watches. Though... he did buy a PAM372 for "purposes of appreciation in value" I believe... could be wrong. Still have the 372 and that nice gold Tank, Foo? Any new pieces since then?
Polo, Italy Zegna, Italy Bronson Gengezha, Zimbabwe (Gallery: Ghurka, women's, mint/new Oh, and this guy
Put some 'Tussin on it.
Awesome. Mine has stains too!
Is that an authentic Wegner that you thrifted? If so, That's on my "will likely never find" list.
Has anyone ever sold a Class-5 Marty McFly orange vest? If so did it do well? @capnwes @Nataku
ELI5 re: Browns Beach?
The Ricoh GR is the finest camera I have ever used, all things considered.
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