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Um. If you follow someone on the forum, you can set your preferences to tell you when they've posted. But yeah, we still totally text each other and say stuff like "check out how cool jet is" kekeekekekekekekeke
Dumb ass ninjas
Pornhub is as previous level as your trolling
Dadcore normcore sounds like your YouPorn search history
I found a full size photo of the entire outfit. I hope kgfan does not mind me posting it.
Well, there can only be one mess.
Don't think the kgfan fit is very good. The over-the-top patterns and deconstruction might work well on the runway, but looks cartoonish and bummy here, especially when you take into account his normal modus operandi of sleek looking, darker colored fits (which generally work much better).
You have a nice style, Frank.
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