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Sounds like... she wanted a different churro.
Looks super warm, shouldn't you be wearing shorts?
steveoffice, you met two forum members today.
Greg, you should offer such a makeup...
Word. Word.
Maybe my best purchase of all time is my shell cordovan Vass P2 last PTBs. I wear them pretty much 4-5x/week. They are only getting better with each wear. Marvelous shoe.
This is a tricky point. It depends on whether there is a soft spot in the middle of the forefoot, and how worn the heel is. If there is significant heel wear, or the leather of the sole towards the front is starting to become obviously worn, I would re-sole then Vibram.
will kopEDIT: re: Disneyland... you guys are entitled to your opinion and I'ma let you finish but Disneyland is super dope. Went there so many times as a kid, and can't wait to take my kids there.
I know this person.
Why the fuck is Carson Street Clothing trying to charge me tax when I'm in CA and they're in NY?
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