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Guys! I have started an online repository of all things thrift/resale/consignment related. You may even purchase items there - we have it all! Check back often, as inventory changes hourly! Link: Incredible New Site for Thrifts and Fun!
Anyone care to take a shot at the first letter and last name of this artist? I'm thinking.... L. Poole? A. Poole? Obligatory @330CK
Then they kissed. That was the missing detail.
Well, first you want to send them a few texts with some jokes and compliments. Then maybe casually be around them with other people... and then when you're ready and feeling good, you want to ask them if your pocket square smells like chloroform and bam - you're dating.
That reindeer Seraphin is bananas
As promised for @SpooPoker Original oil on canvas from Tadeo Zavaleta.
I do for you later tonight.
Got some good news today
That's awesome. Did you start with a family member? I remember going to flea markets with my grandpa when I was around 7-8... super fun.Interesting that you started in non-clothing items. End table is a good find.Pejsek... whatever happened to him? His finds were/are the stuff of legend. I mean... really epic stuff, with provenance, etc.
Has there been a "what was the first thing that you ever thrifted" discussion? The first thing I ever thrifted - I mean, ever - not just the first nice thing, was a Cucinelli sport coat.
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