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What's with the dad references? Most of you will be dads at some point (unfortunately) - do you think you will be vastly different people then? I wish you all the best in your future fatherhood endeavors, but don't think for a moment that you will be someone else when it happens. You will still be you. On welfare. So go fuck yourself.
Apparently, it is not OK to issue an opinion about someone's lifestyle, but it's totally OK to call someone a piece of shit. StyleForum, everyone!
Bend your knees more, it will be more lifelike.
Cool, man. You can post my fits from 5 years ago as a way to try and make fun of me. Truly original and inspired.
I love all of the people liking that brad post. So much pent up rage. I bet your little fingers couldn't click the thumb button hard enough.
Quoted for proof and posterity.
Jil and Raf is pretty conservative for the most part bruh. Also, how do you know it Jil and Raf? Club Monaco makes very similar clothing to those brands. Have you checked her labels?
It was like $20 I think. I'll be by the store sometime this week and I'll see if it's still there.
Colors are great.
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