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Full quote for an awesome dog. Well done. Dogs are on a whole different level of special.I'm pretty sure that at some point Nordstrom carries dogs, so if for any reason you get tired of the dog, you can just return her there, no questions asked.
Oh shit son
Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Or, just start with a regular eraser. For real.
Best place to sell items is at the Alameda Flea Market every first Sunday of the month.
Sorry, when did we start referring to Zegna as "Dildo"?
Overall, positive for sure. The 'hate' part of it is the crazy lowballs and flaky buyers. Eventually though, things sell.
A small brag... don't usually sell stuff on the Bay, but this worked out pretty well. [[SPOILER]] I have to say that quality photo equipment is probably the best possible thrift (outside of an authentic Rolex watch or something like that). The re-sale prices are more or less set, there's always demand, and between the Bay and a few other photo forums, you will get your price in a matter of days. Sometimes hours.
Love/hate relationship with Gr.
Can't remember the last time I bothered to buy Canali for a flip. Usually priced high ("ohhhh, "Canali!" must be expensive") and sells low. Not worth the time to me.
Guys, what do you look for when scanning crystal ware? Any telltale signs that make you examine further?
New Posts  All Forums: