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Reasons we purchased our home (second home - first was purchased in 2009 and sold 2015): 1. Larger space and yard. We've added a dog and 2 kids since our first home purchase, and quickly found ourselves in tight spaces with our first home. 2. Ability to customize and do what we wanted with the space without limitations. 3. Schools. Although the school where we lived before were excellent, our new schools are even better, Kindergarten to 12th. 4. Crazy prices. We bought...
Interesting stuff - thank you.Maybe the date is the date the artist was born? Just strange to have that date there if it's not when it was painted... right? Though if the date were not there, I would never guess that this was from the 19th century. I am very, very far from an art expert, so I just kind of go by the "does it feel real?... is that a date?... can I make out the name?... do I like it?" way of buying art.
Thanks!I do like this, and it's going to go up in my office.Having said that... really looks like 1871 to me.
Art dudes, I need your help! Can anyone make out the name? The signature seems to have a date of 1871 or 1891? The way the art is framed (front and back) makes me think the date is accurate. Any ideas? And an enhanced shot of the signature... definitely looks like 1871 to me, but I have no idea about the name. @330CK
SOLD. Thanks.
Picked one of these up today... If anyone is interested, let me know.
If only.
Redfin estimates are kind of funny where I live... $500,000 difference between price paid and what RedFin thinks it's worth, 6 months after buying.
Damn - all three of those are awesome.
Guys - we are putting up a replacement retaining wall. Original thought is to replace the old, shitty 25+ year old pressure-treated wall with new pressure-treated wood, and veneer it with some nice redwood. Second thought is to put up a cement wall and veneer that with redwood. Price difference is about $5k. Thoughts? Wall is holding up part of one side of a hillside driveway. The wall will be about 20 feet long with heights ranging from 3 to 6 feet.
New Posts  All Forums: