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Love all these "diehard" Seahawks fans lol
Lol hawks fan
Nice - thanks for the review. I'm 90% sure I'm getting one.
Goat is nice in that its a very resilient leather, not quick to change in shape or character. What model of GUIDI is a 4 hole lace up work boot/chukka with a Vibram lug sole? Closest I see is a 994 but that one seems to have 6 holes.
An update on my watch strap situation...Very nice guy over e-mail, but I would have to mail it to him and he is not comfortable with taking on the liability. Understandable.Bea is terrific and so responsive, but her watch straps start at $400...
Thanks! I sent him an e-mail.
Local custom would be great. Does anyone do nice straps here in the Bay Area?
Ah, cool. David is good people.It is running well indeed - my grandpa had it services a few years ago. I would probably get it services again if I could ever find a nice strap for it. The fixed lugs and small lug width (I think they are maybe 16mm) are kind of a nightmare to finding a nice strap. I spoke to ABP and Camille Fournet in France and they both wanted me to send the watch in to get custom straps. I am OK with paying for custom straps, but I'm not sending this...
BTW... I love Moser. Here is my Moser, given to me by my grandpa (it was given to him in the 30s or 40s I believe). I am still looking for a worthy bracelet/strap for its fixed lugs.
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