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looks too warm for that outfit, not sure what you're doing bro
he conditioned them with tears of the gypsy
I'm also in. Just need a couple hours to fly down there.
Dang stitch, looking at 15400s?
foo - I prefer to buy used and at good deals, and closer to $5k. Just personal preference. Any recommendations given those parameters? stitch, who am I, RFX?
Stitch - looking at the JLC 976, JLC Tribute to 1931, and JLC Squadra. For PAM - just looking for nice ones at good deals. I don't have a huge preference.
foo - I saw a video about how Panerais are made, and the factory work involved a lot more automation/machine building than I thought I would see (kind of a turn off...). What are your thoughts?
So I'm now looking at JLC models and PAMs again. FML.
Is a different one, but cool.
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