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Thanks guys. Here are some more pics. Everything about the painting says "kinda old" to me. No idea on artist or meaning, etc.
Anyone? I've tried every possible combination on Art Signature Dictionary and can't find shit.
Does anyone recognize this signature/can make out what it says? Native American theme. @330CK
I actually thought about asking SG for a quote a couple of weeks ago The R&B piece I mentioned is actually 90% solid wood according to the site: "We source our solid woods within the U.S., which has some of the strictest forestry standards in the world. Every board is hand selected for color consistency and strategically placed to create a cohesive appearance. The natural markings of the wood make each Hudson piece one of a kind. Hudson is constructed entirely from...
Thank you.If it had two deep-ish drawers on the bottom, it would be a winner.I think we're getting close to pulling the trigger on this in Walnut: http://www.roomandboard.com/catalog/bedroom/armoires/hudson-armoires-with-wood-base
Clearing these out. They are superlative - on par with Vass for finishing/feel/weight/leather quality. US size 12. Just the shoes. $100 shipped/PP'd to the US.
Bally Scribe shoes from the new Bally Scribe line. Worn once. Absolutely wonderful shoes, easily on par with the finest makers in Ready to Wear footwear. Terrific finishing and detailing. Retail $800. Made in Switzerland. Color is black. Comes with box. Asking $275 shipped to the US. PayPal included. US size 10.
Ho Lee Phuk
Purchased new, tried on once indoors. A hair small for me. Shell has been creased. These have the special rubber/leather sole from Allen Edmonds, bringing the retail to $700. Asking $275 shipped in the US. No box/bags - just the shoes.
Loopnet has a delicious logo as well.
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