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It's a X-fold for sure... maybe 4 or 6 or 7. But definitely folded, etc.
Guys - GUYS This is a good one. I got this a year or two ago. Never wore it. Just hanging on the tie rack. It has always baffled me. Did someone sew a Land's End tag on a super nice 7-fold made in Italy tie? What is this madness? Any ideas?
That is one cute kid.
Brand new, un-laced, shell cordovan Allen Edmonds Park Avenues with the AE custom sole in my size? Sure, why not.
Those are nice, but how do they look when wet?
@My Main Man, congratulations! One of the pure joys in life is getting the keys to a new home. Enjoy it!
Thought I was on Slickdeals for a second
Rolex is fake.
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