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your dreams
I'm also a biologist. Cool.
lulz, I thought it was Friday.
You have to be interesting, obviously... in High School people tried to be interesting by sagging their pants or smoking weed within the school grounds, or being a really edgy punk rock emo, etc. Same thing here. Gotta look as different as possible because, let's face it, regular clothing that fits well and is respected and works for your life just isn't going to fucking cut it.
shah's point is total crap. "oh yeah stitch, dress like me because, uh, it'll look cool, and it's different and you'll totally shit on the mc guys, and you'll get thumbs hur hur hur" once shabbos is over he can come here and explain why this is a shitty idea. g tranny, you need lessons in reading comprehension. i'm not saying how stitch should spend his money. i said that based on the shit he bought over the last year, the last thing he wants to do is drop all of that...
What has been injected? You suggested a few terrible Yohji fits for stitch, and he said they looked terrible and were exactly the type of thing of which he was afraid. I said he shouldn't dress in that manner because its completely not conducive to his lifestyle. What has been injected that is not true?
nice Skagways (where did you get those? looks super comfy)
Strange indeed.
Strange how I was mentioned. Probably miran.
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