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Redfin estimates are kind of funny where I live... $500,000 difference between price paid and what RedFin thinks it's worth, 6 months after buying.
Damn - all three of those are awesome.
Guys - we are putting up a replacement retaining wall. Original thought is to replace the old, shitty 25+ year old pressure-treated wall with new pressure-treated wood, and veneer it with some nice redwood. Second thought is to put up a cement wall and veneer that with redwood. Price difference is about $5k. Thoughts? Wall is holding up part of one side of a hillside driveway. The wall will be about 20 feet long with heights ranging from 3 to 6 feet.
If not kosher, then I can remove this post... but I have a pair of Layer-0's in my sig that someone may be interested in.
Incredible boots from Layer-0. Shell Cordovan 5-hole boots in the wonderful 'blood-black' color. Size 43. Best for a US 9.5-10. Arguably the nicest Layer-0 boots made, in terms of the combination of style and color. Brand new - never worn. No shop wear.
Absolutely right. SG, you should branch out from just woodworking. I think this thread and, frankly, the entire wood-working community is pining for a new face. These guys doing it now are all bark and no bite, so I am definitely rooting for you.
^ Damn son. Well done. @SpooPoker - your LB guess was very good. But not quite. As for me - I am mostly excited by art and furniture/non-clothing items these days, so these two finds stroked my happy place. Numbered Lithograph by Moshe Gat, and the Twist Coat Rack by Christoph Burtscher and Patrizia Bertolini.
Found what I thought to be a pretty terrific item. Great mix of brand cachet, looks, modern appeal, baller details, etc. Checked eBay and one sold - just like it - for $50. The item probably retails for ~$1800. Hint: it can be worn on your succulent body. Any guesses as to what this item is?
Submariner is the greatest watch ever made.
New Posts  All Forums: