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Note: this is not my original material.
Very, very offensive. I implore a long ban for nahneun and magicalporks (for acting as a rabble-rouser) from the mighty Fok!
So basically, he is 6x racist!
Can we please ban nahneun for racism? He posted not one, not two, but three white men in one photo.
Simply writing some names and using the emoticons on the forum.
Was this post really necessary? Are you trolling for thumbs too?
nah skitlets magicalporks g trans diniro
Bam makes me laugh pretty regularly. Very quick wit, unusual viewpoint humor.
Jb - they'll never get it. They only see what they want to see. And I'm sure someone will dig up something to "disprove" your post... but won't post the context, etc. A losing battle. Moo so mean. Moo make fun. Moo sucky sucky.
New Posts  All Forums: