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I do for you later tonight.
Got some good news today
That's awesome. Did you start with a family member? I remember going to flea markets with my grandpa when I was around 7-8... super fun.Interesting that you started in non-clothing items. End table is a good find.Pejsek... whatever happened to him? His finds were/are the stuff of legend. I mean... really epic stuff, with provenance, etc.
Has there been a "what was the first thing that you ever thrifted" discussion? The first thing I ever thrifted - I mean, ever - not just the first nice thing, was a Cucinelli sport coat.
Potential most expensive item ever (for me). Waiting on some details/confirmation from a third party.
Sorry to hear of Brian's passing. Internal battles are often the ones without a victor.
That Kiton is bananas and I have no idea how someone can poopoo on it
Those are Crocketts, @impuntura
Yo what's that turntable all about? /TTnoob
New Posts  All Forums: