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Stitch if you had to sum up Baltimore in a sentence, what would you say?
Before I read any of the posts after the stitches fit, I immediately though "woah" when I saw the jacket - as in, everything looks like it's supposed to work well but something is a bit off. It's OK - it's still better than everyone else stitch sees today, probably.
Thank you.
New jacket from San Francisco based Johnson Leathers. I met with Alan in his shop in San Francisco and we went over some details of what I wanted in a jacket. Alan is a skilled craftsman and he is a wonderful resource not only for jackets, leathers, and the garment industry in general, but also for talking watches. We spent a good long while with measurements, ideas, and fitting of his off-the-rack jackets to start getting an idea of where I am with sizing. Measurements...
Undo the stitching, and see if there is a note in there from an SF member.
I think he's more my size than yours...
His stock jackets, of which there are many nice options, are in the $500-600 range. Custom stuff adds $100-200 or so, unless you want some crazy leather. So I might be overshooting it, but generally that's the range. You know me... items are generally always in queue for the trading block.
New Posts  All Forums: