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Sometimes you come across things that are so far outside of the norm that you just have to take a step back and admire the moment. A pair of Ernest Rancoulet late 19th century bronze statues. About 18" tall on the original plinths. There are various online records of sales and such for this artist, but average prices are in the mid thousands, up to $25,000 per piece. Hope everyone had a fulfilling weekend.
Saw a likely flipper in my neck of the woods. Kopped some stuff that I always pass on (Eton shirt, middle-tier jeans). Very skinny guy about 5'10". Young. One of you? Also - Balmain dress shoes. Kind of ugly, cannot find anything remotely like them online. Black, kind of pointy lace ups. Fairly benign looking. Mainline Balmain. Worth a kop?
What are these other bidding sites?
Ah, that is the "Reverb" version. Different lamp, but very close. Congrst, it's a nice piece of art.
Hi guys. Long time - feels like an eternity. I have had my thrift time and opportunity reduced by 90% due to a new position at a new firm. Thus I have been following this thread sporadically - everyone is kicking ass in various ways. Happy to see that. Well done. In my meager thrifting opportunities I have been able to find some cool stuff, I think. Some art: Jerry Schurr four color posted of Shadow Lake Unknown artist Lerman - I loved it A couple of travel...
Just checked, and my Grand Seiko is running 1.5s fast over 2 weeks. Not bad.
From a few days ago.
@Tchoy - thanks! Lovely watch on your wrist as well. @Mimo - for you?
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