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^ Damn son. Well done. @SpooPoker - your LB guess was very good. But not quite. As for me - I am mostly excited by art and furniture/non-clothing items these days, so these two finds stroked my happy place. Numbered Lithograph by Moshe Gat, and the Twist Coat Rack by Christoph Burtscher and Patrizia Bertolini.
Found what I thought to be a pretty terrific item. Great mix of brand cachet, looks, modern appeal, baller details, etc. Checked eBay and one sold - just like it - for $50. The item probably retails for ~$1800. Hint: it can be worn on your succulent body. Any guesses as to what this item is?
Submariner is the greatest watch ever made.
One in the same, no?
Prices have been steadily rising, and stores are getting nasty sketchy. Hit a quick stop today and the place has a back room where the employees sort and price items. One guy was straight up surfing ebay while holding a pair of women's shoes. Like bruh, this is a thrift shop - go fuck yourself with that shit.
@snackbandit are you in the Bay?
Yo son where the deets at
For me it's my wife, two daughters, and a live-in nanny.... do... do I need to buy 4 watches?
The weather in my neck of the woods today.
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