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Mandrel bent straight pipe. Can't be more than a few hundo.
Damn @Nataku
Worst pass? Potentially... a really expensive watch. Looked at it.... it felt shitty. Looked shitty. Was in the same store a day later, and overheard one of the cashiers telling another customer that someone bought a watch yesterday, and came back and said they pawned it for $6,000. No idea if true or not. But
Model: $ Last: $$ Color: $$$
Sweet jesus.
Word. Those are both mad mediocre.
Re: estate sales like the one linked above. How do they work? It says numbers given out at 9am. Does that mean you get there at 5am... wait... get a number... and then when your number is called you get a certain amount of time inside the home before you are kicked out?
@SpooPoker Might be CT Mitchell... same style... but CT seems to sign as "CT Mitchell" not just "Mitchell".
Two male first names? NO THANKS
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