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Looks good.I had a buddy when I was a kid (middle school age) who dressed exclusively in this kind of Tommy gear. I wonder if he still has it...
A Fistful of Spoo is what all the other thrifters experience on a daily basis in his area.
Did... did you smell the crotches?
If anyone has a Cartier CPCP Tortue Monopoussoir or time-only XL in white or yellow/rose gold, or knows of one for sale with box/papers for a fair price, please let me know. Thanks!
Might be Maison Jensen... and if so, big congrats.
Bentwood Prague 811 Chair, Josef Hoffmann for Thonet (Please pardon the mess - we are not normally filthy, but we have a load of construction happening and there is constant dust/debris in the home).
Great post, Dino. Don't sell Foo short, Coxsackie. He may be bristly but he does know a good deal about watches. Though... he did buy a PAM372 for "purposes of appreciation in value" I believe... could be wrong. Still have the 372 and that nice gold Tank, Foo? Any new pieces since then?
Polo, Italy Zegna, Italy Bronson Gengezha, Zimbabwe (Gallery: Ghurka, women's, mint/new Oh, and this guy
Put some 'Tussin on it.
Awesome. Mine has stains too!
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