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They are 32cm but that is deceptive due to the slightly elongated toe. They are perfect for a 42.5-43.
I must have had 20 pounds of foie whilst traveling through France.
For some ug shoes.
This is a nice belt, but different. It won't really evolve or age in any noticeable way like the belts we are talking about will.
I'll get photos at some point and you can take a look.
Maybe not bridle. Here's Terry's description of the belt in an e-mail: The leather is slow-tanned in oak-bark tanning liquor over a period of 12 months. The thickness is 5.7-6.5mm (15-16oz). The buckles are hand-cast and hand-finished solid brass.
Fok, Do you have a belt from Terry Dear? If not, you should get one. I have one a few years old in his ultra thick bridle leather/natural oak bark tanned and it is aging in an amazing and beautiful way.
I wear the same watch as Buzz Aldrin wore while taking space shits.
Business is business player.
Who doesn't love a good luau?!
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