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Oakland is a shit hole.
Not everyone in SF is a techbro, you guys. There's rancid smelling bums. And degenerate vagrants. And skeezy homeless. And gross shemale prostitutes. I could go on, but there really is more to the city than just hipster techbros, VC firm uberdouches, and baristas.
Poor little hippo
Lots of Eskandar being sold at Nordstrom apparently.
Preach.No substitute.
You're joking about the beaches, right?
Plus, anytime you want you can just head on over to the ocean. Wait a second…
I think people do this before they donate to deter flippers. That's my theory.
This.Don't feel obligated to do anything. You are in the market, you're looking around. That's it. Enjoy - open houses are pretty.
New Posts  All Forums: