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Looks dope. Can't wait to meet your lil one.
15300 is the obvious winner based on your assessment of desirable features. I agree that trying both on would be ideal... sometimes you can be really surprised by size, giggity
#2 is a clown color....
Damn, I was in... 4th grade.
12 Inches of Snow - underrated album
Yah, I've got a buddy with a very nice ROO and he went scuba diving with it and chipped the crystal on some coral. AP quoted over $2k to replace the crystal...
Faust is Russian. Give a shit name to the rest of the stylish Russian forum members. If ever in NY, going to leave bag of shit on his doorstep.
Yeah, exactly what happened to me. Then I went back a few days later and took a closer look and was like wtf. Picked it up.
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