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Hi guys. Long time - feels like an eternity. I have had my thrift time and opportunity reduced by 90% due to a new position at a new firm. Thus I have been following this thread sporadically - everyone is kicking ass in various ways. Happy to see that. Well done. In my meager thrifting opportunities I have been able to find some cool stuff, I think. Some art: Jerry Schurr four color posted of Shadow Lake Unknown artist Lerman - I loved it A couple of travel...
Just checked, and my Grand Seiko is running 1.5s fast over 2 weeks. Not bad.
From a few days ago.
@Tchoy - thanks! Lovely watch on your wrist as well. @Mimo - for you?
Nothing wrong with ETA. I'd go ETA over any other non in-house or ebauche. Easy and inexpensive to service, reliable, sturdy.
Purchased my first Grand Seiko and it is simply the best watch I have ever owned or handled, bar none. I cannot believe these don't retail for 2x what they go for, and the deals one can get on the secondary market are simply crazy. This is not watchmaking, it is art.
Thanks mimo! Some are bigger than others for sure, but GP does a nice job with their case lines and lug-design to keep things manageable.
A new one for me. A Girard-Perregaux R&D 01 Chronograph Monte Carlo 1983. Limited Edition of 250, released originally in 2009. 43mm (excluding crowns), and 14mm thick, it wears extremely comfortably on my 7.75" wrist. The case is designed by Luigi Macaluso, and features a reverse chronograph layout, with the chrono pushers and main crown on the left of the case, and the crown for rotating the internal bezel on the 4 o'clock point. The watch features normal time...
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