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Have a napkin for your fapkin
Please don't steal my photos and use them as your own, Stackson.
I'm a misogynist because I said a woman was unattractive? Lmao.
Jesus, what a bunch of crybabies. Go change your tampax, everyone.
Maybe we have a urine fetish?
I will say this - having known sinnedk for almost 20 years I can say without a doubt that his character is top notch and his accomplishments in life are pretty good . So, you can draw from that what you wish, or react to his posts how you wish, but the reality of the situation for him won't change.
lol I just read one paragraph on rosenrot's blog and that shit is wholly terrible. I've read better stories on the side of cereal boxes.But she's pretty good looking, so she's got that going for her, which is nice.EDIT, EDIIIITTTTT: I kept scrolling and I take back what I said. She is not good looking. [[SPOILER]]
Those jeans are fucking awesome, Regis.
This is a bad idea. You need to taper the caffeine intake down to 0.
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