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I love thrifting art. I have about $30k worth hanging in my home.
Did you get a DUI or something? $8k is a very specific amount.
I am in you.
Moo exists in all planes. Moo is both internal and external.
Wow, jinda. Just wow.
I will say this. A dirty room may not mean that you are a dirty person. But it does mean that you were raised in filth without any regard for yourself or others. That I can guarantee.
lol @ dude defending living in dregs like a stand-in for one of the characters from Trainspotting
Nah. Our house is kept clean daily by our nanny. No worries about that. You look like a turd so I am not worried about your comments.
Having dirty rooms and showing them on the Internet is gross. I assume your shower is full of mildew, your kitchen countertops are sticky, your bath fixtures corroded, and your bathroom is piss-stained and smells like bigfoot's dick.
New Posts  All Forums: