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Bally Scribe shoes from the new Bally Scribe line. Worn once. Absolutely wonderful shoes, easily on par with the finest makers in Ready to Wear footwear. Terrific finishing and detailing. Retail $800. Made in Switzerland. Color is black. Comes with box. Asking $275 shipped to the US. PayPal included. US size 10.
Ho Lee Phuk
Purchased new, tried on once indoors. A hair small for me. Shell has been creased. These have the special rubber/leather sole from Allen Edmonds, bringing the retail to $700. Asking $275 shipped in the US. No box/bags - just the shoes.
Loopnet has a delicious logo as well.
Uniqlo x Jil Sander collaboration
I wore a Brioni tie with the chain facing forward to an interview. Got the job. That's how it's done, fellas.
Pretty cool find for me. Found this nice piece of art all by its lonesome in a corner. It still had cardboard covers on the corners, and was certainly never hung on a wall. On the back was a sticker which made deciphering the signature much easier. It also told me that the artwork was auctioned off on a cruise ship. Of course, I was curious. I contacted the artist - still living, and with a modern website: http://bullart.com/ - and asked him some questions about this...
Those will clean up nicely.
Each pass of the the iron adds $50 to the price.
Thanks guys. Keep the ideas coming.
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