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@The3rdConch0rd a very cool look, but more importantly - a great achievement. Congratulations, and full speed ahead.
One of these:
Thread hyper-lit, cot dam
What is this about American made dress hoes?
@sinnedk wears his CCPs quite gently, often slipping on a pair of UGG boots over them so as not to scuff them.
We put a Thermador range in. Wife likes it more than Wolf... but the Wolf was great too.
Nice score. Speaking of named garments... I recently found 3 Oxxford sportcoats all made for none other than Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz. Pretty cool.
If any of my friends spent $100 on a pint of beer, I'd break the bottle over the head because there would be no fear of damaging anything.
They're enjoying someone else's company already.
New Posts  All Forums: