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Just bought a Fleshlight for a friend. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Have a read through here: http://dogbitelaw.com/mixed-dog-bite-statute-states/new-york-dog-bite-law.html I have a lot of experience with dog bite cases in CA, but not in NY.
Grailed has been good. Some douche stole photos of my item that I sold a while back, I PM him and ask him to take them down, he replies back with snarky bullshit, I ask grailed to take his ad down, and after some back and forth they oblige and take the ad down. Good stuff. Who knows if the seller was even in possession of the item, or if he just straight up stole the photos from me to make a quick buck.
Lulz you know how I feel about $800 jeans
Best pho ever, mama's in san mateo California
Wtf is ie?
your dreams
I'm also a biologist. Cool.
lulz, I thought it was Friday.
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