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Frank - I like the pieces, but the buttoning of the cardigan is doing a disservice to your body by manifesting a pear shape that I don't think is naturally there.
There's a 43 on grailed... but no clue if they will work size-wise and feel like they will be a bitch to resell if they don't work.
KK Attachment one piece boots in guidi leather - where to kop? Also, what is pricing on the moria from hide-m?
Nice to meet everyone!
If that happens I'm getting the JDL involved. (0)
Haha mmmda... no test drugiye fotki.
- Michael Scott
I call shenanigans on this entire conversation.
If posting half-naked photos of your wife for fake internet points/thumbs isn't pathetic and downright creepy, I don't know what is. That's all.
Always wanted to have a threesome. Wanna join?
New Posts  All Forums: