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It's a one-off DR that chariybrown was selling (new).
TOJ leather. Should be here early next week.
What are some pops that you are waiting for, but feel will never happen? For me, it's: 1. Anything vicuna 2. Kiton sport coat/suit at a true thrift 3. Suit or sport coat by one of the top bespoke houses in London 4. Anything Berluti 5. Anything Leica
I've loved all of the Club models online, and tried on a number of them in various sizes in the metal, and came to the conclusion that the lugs are just too damn long.
Do it for the thumbs, stitchy.
My favorite three are ones that I own and/or owned: Rolex Omega UTS
Was an answer ever given on how/why this happened?
Some of my favorite finds are Golden Bear Varsity jackets without any company logos or patches.
Did anyone else's tie come with a near-nude photo of Spoo? No? Well then.
bout to kop some TOJ wtf
New Posts  All Forums: