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Guy at my work has been wearing his like this... it looks great!
Hello and welcome to my life
Keith brings up an interesting question, which was answered a while back on Reddit. Here's the top answer to "why does Coca Cola still advertise?" I discovered some years ago that the point of most advertising at a certain marque level was not to acquire new customers, but to retain them or even stop "buyer's regret". For example, BMW pretty much never expect somebody to see one of their adverts and think "Oh, that car looks good, I'll buy one of those!", because who...
Yo son y u do this to me?
^ still have your AP?
We have a great team of guys from Guatemala working on our new house here in the Bay Area. I am certain some of them are not exactly "legal" but that's not my business. None of them have visible tattoos, so that's good. Anyway, the General Contractor and his brother head the operation and are great guys. Excellent craftsmanship, reliable, mostly on time as much as a GC can be. I spoke to him a number of times about his life here (filled with some great and some tragic...
Not sure if his watch is from EWC... but I've had mixed experiences with them. They sold a watch out from under me at one point. Not a great feeling. BUT They have awesome pieces, with inventory changing daily, with maybe the best photography of any watch sales site. BUT Their prices are higher than most other re-sellers.
Oooohhh! JL Geophysic True Second? Or the standard Geo? In any case, big congrats!
Well yes, I figured that would be the answer. But before I do that... does R&B actually make good furniture? The stuff she's looking at is supposedly made in the US. Does this mean anything? I mean - is it made in the US by immigrant "artisans" or is it made in the US by a family who knows what they're doing and makes good stuff?
Guys, please help. My wife wants to drop an obscene amount of money for furniture at Room and Board. While I'm fine with spending good money for things that will last for... ever?... I just want to have some fun shopping around and not just gathering things in an online shopping cart and hitting "buy". Plus I think we can buy things on a site like 1st Dibs or something. But she's all about R&B and fucking Pottery Barn... what do I do?
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