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Happy Weekend, everyone!
Pretty sure Fok asked what we think without presuming that we would all want a multiple thread solution. No one is trying to break anything.
Good job and I hate you
Where are you guys living that this is a mortgage payment? Do you have any idea how much my mortgage payment is out here?
Weighed my gold IWC and it's 168 grams... more than a SubC!
2000 grit
Recently thrifted and sold the following m.a+ bag: Retail is $2500+ and it's a special ordered piece. Well under 10% rule. Brand new. Made of the thickest, most supple horsedick skin you've ever touched.
I'm saying.It's right down the block from my office too...
Walked into a place for lunch in the city and they had Pappy starting at $400/bottle. Thought about it, but nah.
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