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Allen Edmonds did.
I guess so.
He's making a joke about moving to SF because of the thrift game here...
Thank you. Camera is Ricoh GR - just an amazing little gem.
Do your research.
Silvano Lattanzi x Jil Sander
My size. I think the distressing is a combination of leather used, factory finishing, and original owners use. Thanks dudes.
It has been fairly bone dry around my parts of the Bay of late. No matter - we press on.Did my usual lunch thrift run - found a pair of Alden penny loafers and a Brooks Brothers x Loro Piana Storm System coat. Very recent, very minty. Fine, pretty happy.Took off work a little early and headed to a local consignment store. They have deals sometimes. Glad I did.Any guesses as to what these are yet?OK, here it is: [[SPOILER]] Silvano Lattanzi for Jil Sander. Exceptionally...
Ultra Grail achieved today.
Actually I did not.
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