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Well as long as it makes sense business-wise, keep doing what you're doing. My question was not in reference to your store, BTW, which I think does a very admirable job of keeping pricing fair.
Thanks for the info. Does not really make it an easier pill to swallow.
I just don't understand how ts(s) shirts can be 2x the cost of Schneider shirts, which are A) made in Europe, B) made of fine materials, C) made with style and fashion in mind. $575 is (I think) top dollar for bespoke shirts, where you get to choose the fabric, buttons, shape, fit, collar type, placket, cuff, etc.
$575 shirt
Interesting... well, I cannot see myself doing it. I can't see many of my friends doing it, either. Maybe a few - those who have shown vagabond-like tendencies in their 20's and have yet to settle down.
I don't. I just speak my mind - this does not mean that I expect people to live their lives in the same manner.Do I think being 35+ and living with roommates is strange? I do. But if that's what that person's life is like, then who am I go further than that?
Where did they go?It's difficult to uproot one's life. This may come off as "obscenely judgmental" but most "American" people who I know would have no issues with moving across the country, or perhaps the world, for one reason or another. On the other hand, very few of my Russian friends would consider leaving their parents, grandparents, and friends behind and moving far away. It's not common for Russian kids to move far away from their parents. Perhaps that plays a role...
Well, I make no apologies for being the way I am. If you feel that your lifestyle is threatened by the standards that I set for myself, then perhaps the problem is within.
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