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@Spoopoker bruh
A marvel from BERLUTI. Beautiful, decadent sport coat. Size 56R, but fits more like a 54R. 100% Cashmere. Soft and luxurious. Condition is essentially NWOT. No signs of wear. MSRP $3,500.
@Dino944 - thanks for suggesting going directly to a Cartier boutique for a strap. They had what I was looking for. I believe Camille Fournet makes their straps these days?
GOOD. LORD. @thebuddahman Two days. Two stores and two e-thrifts.LV French Company coin purse/wallet.Corneliani minty 18.75 micron jacket [[SPOILER]] Brioni x2 [[SPOILER]] Domenico Spana for Oprah Winfrey's good neighbor Robert Veloz. Ridiculous jacket in the best quality shantung silk I've ever handled. Check the spoiler for construction goodness. [[SPOILER]] Two e-thrifts. Orphans, but I couldn't resist...And this guy. This is a thing, right? 100% Cashmere with a buttery...
This watch is so good.
Domenico Spana is a thing, right?
Thanks Dino.
On the topic of straps - what are my options for a Cartier Pasha 38mm chrono replacement strap?
King Seiko with a deep blue dial and a Seiko Quartz with a silver sunburst dial. Both in good shape on original bracelets. Bout tree fiddy each.
A vintage Eames for Herman Miller Soft Pad Lounge Chair in Lime Green leather. It was $25 less 30%. I noticed it as I was walking out of the store, which never produces worthwhile furniture. These are still made for about $3,500. The heavy aluminum base is in excellent overall condition, but there were numerous pen/sharpie marks all over the seat and seat back. After some bizarro world methods, along with some more common ones, most of the stains are gone or greatly...
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