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Mini exotic thriftening. Sterling RL85 gator belt Sterling RL85 lizard belt Zelli bit loafer in black gator Zelli bit loafer in brown gator Mezlan tassel loafer in brown gator Loafers are all US 7.5. Belts are 28".
I hope it's real because it's really damn cool.
20 minutes!
Adding Dricore to our downstairs playroom. Should help with a +10 degree increase over traditional flooring on cement.
I... haven't posted on SWD in months seemingly... let alone this thread.
We have a Thermador range and the top end dishwasher that they make. We love both. No issues, look good, work well.
But... I posted so many fits.
You're going to need a 2nd hand, man. Big congrats!
Wait... are striped (pin and chalk) suits not a thing anymore (for wearing)?
Congrats! 2ac is a dream.
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