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I hope it's real because it's really damn cool.
20 minutes!
Adding Dricore to our downstairs playroom. Should help with a +10 degree increase over traditional flooring on cement.
I... haven't posted on SWD in months seemingly... let alone this thread.
We have a Thermador range and the top end dishwasher that they make. We love both. No issues, look good, work well.
But... I posted so many fits.
You're going to need a 2nd hand, man. Big congrats!
Wait... are striped (pin and chalk) suits not a thing anymore (for wearing)?
Congrats! 2ac is a dream.
@Nataku and other LP dudes... Are you buying these LPs to flip or for personal collections (or both)? LPs are always abundant here, but I have never looked through them because I have no idea what to look for (in terms of flipping). Any advice/thoughts?
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