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I did, gave your post a thumbs up. Thanks.I am back and forth on a number of watches. Don't want to buy, sell, buy, sell... But I am indecisive so the research is taking a while. And I do like the research part of the experience.
Supposed to be zhizher I think.
best thing to do is to burn it for warmth this winter
looks too warm for that outfit, not sure what you're doing bro
he conditioned them with tears of the gypsy
I'm also in. Just need a couple hours to fly down there.
Dang stitch, looking at 15400s?
foo - I prefer to buy used and at good deals, and closer to $5k. Just personal preference. Any recommendations given those parameters? stitch, who am I, RFX?
Stitch - looking at the JLC 976, JLC Tribute to 1931, and JLC Squadra. For PAM - just looking for nice ones at good deals. I don't have a huge preference.
New Posts  All Forums: