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Hater ass haters.
Stop being so effeminate.
That came after after he didn't get that I'm not offended and continued to press the issue. Irrespective, fuck you all.
Wait what? You thought my "today I learned I'm middle aged I'm gonna go cry" comment was me taking offense?Jesus fucking Christ.
Move on.
Well, I'm a pretty nice guy in real life I would say. And I like poop jokes. So there's that, which is nice.
You like it, the hyperbole? Sometimes I feel like people here see me as a caricature of my own posts. This stings me a bit, but it is not an unfounded realization among the online fora. Truth is people are free to do and dress as they wish, and I am free to mock or applaud as I wish. In turn they are free to pass judgment about my sense of being, at least online. It is all fine.
All Day I Dream About Styleforum ADIDAS
Today I learned that I'm middle aged.BRB, going to cry.
PinkPantser is a great study in the refinement and subtle evolution of one's own internal mechanism for dressing well. Really good stuff.
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