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Alright, well, here's what was to be had yesterday. All of this is like new, and definitely higher than any thrift prices. But still Started with this... [[SPOILER]] Then these (I said "WTF?!" when I looked at the tags) [[SPOILER]] Next to them were these bad boys: [[SPOILER]] Another rack had 4 of these - if anyone is an expert in this brand, please let me know how dope/not dope the silvery ones are [[SPOILER]] I waffled on this, but had to get it... the leather is...
Would be nice...
Best day ever yesterday. No Kiton, Brioni, or vicuña involved.
Thanks. It's pretty awesome.
hey gurl
Does Lands End make amazing feeling 7 fold ties, or did someone pull a joke by putting a Lands End label on a Kiton-esque tie?
gash darn it
Sounds like a nice leather for casual wear.
Interesting... what are the qualities?
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