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Basic Half-and-Half Motel is way better, bro.
I agree 100%, but with bene it's like he can try pretty much any fit at this point and there will for sure be 3-4 comments pertaining to something being off, advice being given, ridicule, etc. I don't really see that with anyone else.Dude gets nitpicked harder than anyone else, basically.
I guess we can add bene posting a fit that just gets thumbs or ignored, instead of immediate critique/suggestions, to the list of pigs flying and hell freezing.
Look out, Zam.
I'd say a little shorter than above the knee.
got some Uniqlo linen shirts last night for my vaca coming up next week. quality is actually quite good and they fit well. hard to beat for $30. their cotton/linen shorts were dope, too.
These are excellent.
Centipede style!
Awesome, thanks!
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