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Thanks dudes! Ian Fleming?
Thanks guys. I thought I pulled off all of the stickers, but two more came off yesterday (crown guards) after almost 2 weeks of wearing...
Unboxing... In the wild...
My top 5 Ban List: 1. shah/miran 2. UserName84/fireflygrave 3. impolyt one/charly/willy 4. brad-t/Lane 5. Cock Magoo ShoutOutsFoMyBo
I could not get over the intricate beauty of the mosques, and how literally every single food item was something I knew I would love, made with awesome spices and just full of awesome. Same thing for the food in Shanghai - savory, sweet-ish meats with dark sauces and noodles? Fuck yes. And yeah - that wine room/cellar was ridiculous. My favorite quote: Bourdain: "do you eat like this often? You know, as a small group in a fancy place like this" Rich dude: "twice a night."
Recently watched Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations about Shanghai, Vietnam, and Iran. I need three, three-week vacations, please.
I would love to see this.I can only imagine... "love StyleForum, you know... but there's that one dude, Moo, fucking enraging... still post on WAYWT tho, for the thumbs."
These are for brad-t. @brad-t http://page19.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x361943642?u=%3bkohnoh2003
Why don't you work on being yourself. Much rather be a really good version of yourself than a shitty version of someone else. My $0.02.Feel free to PM me for more life advice.
Looks amazing TC! Had me fooled. Wear in good health.
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