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I have a secret... [[SPOILER]]
Basically, if I have a watch that I like I'm going to wear it almost all the time. Other watches probably won't get worn at all.
Small dick jokes are like farts: you make fun of others about them, but in the end you have a small dick.
I pretty much never use the chrono feature. Just thinking of getting something new, and I am 100% a "one watch guy"... but I love the Speedy and feel like I would regret selling it at some point. Ugh.
Thinking of selling my Speedy to fund a 116200... crazy?
Thx guys.
Almost everyone in this thread is asexual.
I have a pair of P2's in a 1/2 size up and these are just a tiny bit more narrow, IMO. My P2 are shell so that may account for slightly more volume as well.I believe so.
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