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I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for an army green-ish linen fabric for a summer jacket or suit. Something not too light and bright but not too dark so as to not be summery. My tailor has access to pretty much any fabric book. Something like this, but in linen:
Just want to relate a poor experience I had dealing with O'connell's Clothing of Buffalo recently. I won't go into too much detail but I've been waiting for a package from them for a month and a half. And that is to get it from Buffalo to Toronto. Experience also included a $12 shipping upcharge that hasn't been explained - and that is laughable given the amount of time it has taken - as well as being lied to about when my package actually shipped ( I was told it shipped...
Does anyone know of any retailers that carry wider than stanard width? I hate that I always have to do MTO just because I don't wear a D width.
I just had a jacket made up in the Taransay, and I can tell you that I am 95% sure that the "Nut Brown" fabric that the Harris Tweed Shop sells is the same cloth. I know it doesn't look like it from the swatches on the website, but I have held swatches of both and they are indistinguishable from each other. The Nut Brown may be a touch heavier, but I am quite sure they are the same pattern.
I've seen both the Magnus and Taransay.Taransay I really like, especially for someone with dark brown hair and a fairer complexion. It's a mix of black, light brown and gold with maybe some small almost unnoticeable unless close up flecks of blue. It looks like a very dark brown from most distances, but as you get closer to it the gold flecks become more visible.Magnus isn't as dark, I would say a mid dark brown with a bit of green to it.Magnus is definitely quite a bit...
Yes - send them a tracing of your hand - there is a one off fee of 20 pounds and they will keep your pattern for subsequent orders - I've ordered 3 pairs from them, and while the fit is probably not as good as you'd get from working with a bespoke glovemaker in person, it is quite good.
Robert Jones in the TD Centre in Toronto carry Edward Green. They don't have a ton of styles but you could certainly get an idea of fit, and they have EG swatchbooks with all of their leather options if you're thinking of placing a custom order. Their pricing is pretty decent I believe, though they do charge a decent fee for placing a custom order - would probably be best just to order through LeatherSoul or SkyValet.
Another vote for around 14oz. I think 17oz + is going to be too warm in a heated building, and as long as your overcoat is long enough it should keep your legs sufficiently warm.
I've been a client of Don's for a few years and I hope to commission a pair of shoes from Mr. Freeney next summer. I've spoken with Peter briefly but mostly I trust Don to offer a quality and superior product, likely at a price that is below market value. Don's tailoring operation is top notch, and I know that he wouldn't allow a product to be associated with Trend that he didn't believe was top notch also.
I bought this to give as a gift but ended up keeping it. Brand new in box and never worn. My camera isn't working so I don't have a picture, but here is the picture on Sam Hober's site : Classic wardrobe staple. Standard 57 inch width and 3.5 inches wide at widest point.
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