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According to the EG rep I contacted the 32 and the 888 are very similar if not identical in fit, the only difference lying in the shape of the toe box.
Wondering if someone who has tried both lasts could advise me on the differences in fit between these two lasts.
This is freaking sold eons ago
No. Please.
I quite like the fit of the shirts as well. May I ask who made these for you?
Pants on the suit need to be hemmed. The quarters on the suit seem to close a bit awkwardly, but overall I think the fit is pretty good for made to measure. I might make the jacket a bit longer on your next commission.
I'll refrain from commenting on the suit in the original post but I can say that I myself have had terrific results with using Don at Trend. And for anyone who has some experience with Don personally, and as a craftsman, the suggestion that Don would cut corners or deliver a product that he or the customer wasn't satisfied with is very far from how seriously Don takes his work. As you can see with the "watch-cuff" in the original post, Don does allow for a lot more...
Travel, a condo (apartment instead), a car, and I've certainly racked up some credit card debt. The ironic thing is that because of the way I dress a lot of people think that I have a lot of money. It's just about priorities. Living in a condo with a view and a modern kitchen isn't nearly as enjoyable to me as wearing a finely tailored suit.
Charcoal is better for the evening, but is harder to pair with lighter jackets, making it less versatile. Light grey will pair with pretty much anything. I would go with light grey first, but both are indispensible.
I've got a suit that I want to be able to wear in warmer weather and would like to convert it from fully lined to half or even quarter lined. Is this possible? Recommended? Thanks
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