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Another vote for around 14oz. I think 17oz + is going to be too warm in a heated building, and as long as your overcoat is long enough it should keep your legs sufficiently warm.
I've been a client of Don's for a few years and I hope to commission a pair of shoes from Mr. Freeney next summer. I've spoken with Peter briefly but mostly I trust Don to offer a quality and superior product, likely at a price that is below market value. Don's tailoring operation is top notch, and I know that he wouldn't allow a product to be associated with Trend that he didn't believe was top notch also.
I bought this to give as a gift but ended up keeping it. Brand new in box and never worn. My camera isn't working so I don't have a picture, but here is the picture on Sam Hober's site :http://www.samhober.com/solid-satin-silk-ties/dark-navy-satin-silk-tie.html Classic wardrobe staple. Standard 57 inch width and 3.5 inches wide at widest point.
Well, it really wouldn't be for need, so much as for the loveliness of the cloth.
I'm considering having a suit made up in Harris Tweed, but the heaviest cloth I've ever worn is 14 ounces. Harris Tweed is 19-21 ounces. With modern heating present pretty much everywhere, I'm wondering if this cloth is practical for wear in the city. Basically I don't want to be uncomfortable and sweating bullets wearing Harris Tweed in a heated building or home.
According to the EG rep I contacted the 32 and the 888 are very similar if not identical in fit, the only difference lying in the shape of the toe box.
Wondering if someone who has tried both lasts could advise me on the differences in fit between these two lasts.
This is freaking sold eons ago
No. Please.
I quite like the fit of the shirts as well. May I ask who made these for you?
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