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Would like to move these so if you are interested send me an offer.
I am willing to consider offers.
Really gorgeous shoes, but I need the money at the moment. They have a ton of life left (double soled) and are developing a really lovely and unique patina. Price includes shipping in North America. I will ship elsewhere, please contact me for shipping prices to other destinations.
SOLD Alden cordovan color 8 chukka on the Barrie last in a 9.5 E for sale. Please note that these are a 9.5 wide and that the barrie is thought to fit about a size larger (so perhaps best for a 10.5 wide). These haven't been worn much at all (10 times maybe) and still have tons of life left. I've had rubber put on the soles (see pictures). There is one small issue on both shoes that I've tried to capture in the last picture. There is a small crack on the inside of both...
Some ties I would like to move that just haven't gotten much wear. All are in new or like new condition and have been worn a few times at most. I've tried to use the pictures of others where possible, as my camera isn't very good, but you can see all of the ties in the group shot. All prices include shipping in North America. Will offer discounts for multiple purchases. From left to right (individual photos) Isaia 100% cashmere unlined width: 3.6 length: 59.5 - either a...
Go to Don at Trend and you won't regret it. The building and the place itself is quite something, and you'll get a well fitting (bespoke) suit of a very high quality for quite a reasonable price.
Yes, fit is nice but sorry to say if you wear it without the matching pants you'll look like a fool.
I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for an army green-ish linen fabric for a summer jacket or suit. Something not too light and bright but not too dark so as to not be summery. My tailor has access to pretty much any fabric book. Something like this, but in linen:
Just want to relate a poor experience I had dealing with O'connell's Clothing of Buffalo recently. I won't go into too much detail but I've been waiting for a package from them for a month and a half. And that is to get it from Buffalo to Toronto. Experience also included a $12 shipping upcharge that hasn't been explained - and that is laughable given the amount of time it has taken - as well as being lied to about when my package actually shipped ( I was told it shipped...
Does anyone know of any retailers that carry wider than stanard width? I hate that I always have to do MTO just because I don't wear a D width.
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