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It was a blue cashmere donegal from Panta. All ties now sold.
I really want to have a look at the London Lounge cloth selection, and have registered with two different emails and have not yet been authorized by an administrator. Have waited about two weeks. Are they not accepting new forum registrants or what?
I've placed three orders with Gordon Yao so far for both suits and shirts, and want to say that so far I am very impressed. Gordon's son Eric, who handles most inquiries and customer service is terrific to work with and is very helpful and accomodating. I was in Hong Kong for a series of fittings, and have found the fit on all of my garments to be excellent while the cut is modern and stylish without being over the top. Long term quality and workmanship I can't comment on...
Don't really see this as a hard to pair item. Would work with navy, olive and light beige trousers if you want to be adventurous.
Chocolate suede monks by Martegani. Wore these once and they don't quite fit me right. Size 10.5 US. $150 > $125 >$100 I am pretty sure these are on the 3B last. Width: 4.1 inches Length:12.5 inches
If anyone would be willing to post some pictures of the linen fabrics available from London Lounge it would be very much appreciated.
If you want that weight I would go for a Flannel. Both Minnis and Fox make nice versions.
No, never heard of that...
I've tried to register for London Lounge as I'm interested in some of their cloths, but have not been approved by an administrator after waiting two weeks. Does anyone know who I would contact?
Would anyone be able to provide any insight on this? I do get somewhat frustrated that my tailor doesn't carry more fabrics. He does carry a lot, and a lot of good stuff (LP, Zegna, Dormeuil, H&S) but there are a lot of books I wish he would also carry - W. Bill, Minnis, Harrison's etc. Now in my mind you'd want to carry as many choices as you possibly could for your customers. But I also imagine that there is probably in general less cloth than there is demand so a lot...
New Posts  All Forums: