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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 If you don't want too chunky and are looking for a wingtip, may I throw in a suggestion for a brogue or austerity brogue boot by Vass? That way, you can order exactly what you'd like. Here are my austerity brogue boots for example. Very, very nice boot. What's the model name and where can it be purchased?
You should really get some better pictures to do this jacket justice...there are a few on ebay right now that you could snatch. I bought this off ebay for about 550 a week or two ago and it really is a beautiful piece.
Would also like to see some photos
31 from the bottom of the collar isn't that short, seems like a pretty standard length for a 40R sportcoat
Obviously he thought you meant "currently it's on hold for YOU"
http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...m=120351868028 I imagine one reason this got no bids is because the auction ended very early on Christmas day...you might try contacting the seller and asking them to re-list it if you commit to buy...a nice coat for sure, and a pretty good price
I think the arms on both shirts are too baggy, especially on the first shirt. They both also look a bit too big in the chest/waist...nothing horrible but a bit billowy. That's my take.
Is this an EXTRA 30% off the listed sale prices? If so, some great deals to be had
http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=93028 Not sure if it's gone to ebay yet but I believe that's exactly what you're looking for, good price as well
Sales were pretty disappointing here in Toronto. Sales of "up to 50% off" can't come close to competing with the B&S forum, even when factoring in shipping. Saw a RLPL sportcoat I snagged for around 500 selling for 1100 on the sale rack, got a bit of a chuckle out of that. I'm also pretty sure a few stores marked their regular retail prices up before offering discounts. All in all a bit of a waste of a day. Not that busy either.
New Posts  All Forums: