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If you can get a Tan and White in a 40R I would be all over it
Doing my first self-measurement for a shirt and the collar measurement I get (seems pretty comfortable, like recommended) is 15.2 inches. Would it be best to bump it up to 15.5, which I normally wear, or would it not make much difference. Also, should I expect any collar shrinkage?
Ha wow did anyone actually click on the link for that jacket? DO NOT wear that jacket out to any bars if you plan on looking cool and or getting laid. That thing looks like it's made of nerf. It's especially lame that it says Arc'teryx on the front. That's the type of piece you'd wear when you're doing something physical, when you really don't care how you look. Seriously please do not wear that anywhere you will be seen. You've probably got a pretty good start if...
If you have a pair or two of these I could be tempted to pay retail for them. PM me please.
I bought this same coat and will brave Canadian winters in it because of how good it looks. Suck it up
Is there a special email to contact Ricky? Placed an order last week and did not receive a confirmation.
Quote: Originally Posted by paisley_red You can place all shirt orders in one form in the remark box where you say which fabric(s) you want. But what if you'd like different collars on all of your shirts?
And after two months on this forum I don't really go on ebay much at all anymore. The Buy and Sell forum is fantastic for getting quality new or used stuff at great discounts, often cheaper than ebay. As for something's "value", I would do some searches and poke around to try to find out what brand names and what to look for to evaluate a garment's quality. As for monetary value, I guess the best way it to see what something is retailing for, online or elsewhere, and...
Here you go: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=91464 I asked the same question a little while ago. The first response in the thread, in particular, is fantastic.
Question: When ordering from Jantzen does one have to fill out a separate order form for every shirt? And I assume that they just figure out they're to be shipped together?
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