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Any idea what W. Bill fabric this is?Looks like 60130 can anyone confirm?
Looking to sell 3.6 metres of Fox Flannel - 13/14 oz woolen mid grey with light windowpane check. Willing to move for a very good price. Please PM me if interested. SOLD
I am a 9.5 in one foot and a 10.5 in another foot. They are slightly long on my shorter foot. I would say though that they do fit true to a US 10.5. The sizing issue isn't huge, but I have a number of shoes already and would like to move these.
Solid white, especially in a non-button collar, is quite formal and is generally best worn with a suit (preferably a more formal suit such as a solid or stripe). In this context it is the most formal shirt, appropriate for weddings and funerals and perhaps fully suited nights out. It is certainly not passe and in some contexts is the only appropriate shirt to wear. However with today's decreased levels of formality all over the place a lot of men not in white collar jobs...
I'm looking for a tweed recommendation close to this fabric: Any recommendations?
Price drop
Wondering what are some of your thoughts on this cloth? I'm looking for a grey suit that is less formal than my dark grey worsted, and am looking at one of their grey herringbone fabrics. To me it seems to be a nicely country enough to be fairly casual but has enough of a smooth worsted aspect to be wearable in the city (whereas a full Harris Tweed suit or something of the like might look a bit goofy IMO.) In getting the best of both worlds with worsted tweed do you...
Hobers don't come with tags but both of these are in as new never worn condition. Just haven't been able to fit them into my wardrobe. All prices include shipping in North America. PM me for international shipping quotes. Charcoal/Silver Garza Grossa Grenadine Silk tie - 4 fold construction - $70 - 3.5 inches wide, 56 inches in length Macclesfield Printed Silk Tie (#146) white dots on burnt orange - 3 fold construction -$70 - 3.5 inches wide, 56 inches in length
It was a blue cashmere donegal from Panta. All ties now sold.
I really want to have a look at the London Lounge cloth selection, and have registered with two different emails and have not yet been authorized by an administrator. Have waited about two weeks. Are they not accepting new forum registrants or what?
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