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Go to Creeds. It will cost you an arm and a leg but it will be done properly
Hi there,Would you mind telling me the fabric number of the pink oxford on the bottom there? Really lovely colour.cheers
Is that an irish poplin?
Yes DHL will send you your bill in the mail. As you would expect, stuff gets through sans customs charges much more often with Canada Post. Though I just paid $120 on a $400 package the other day. If a company is only willing to ship with a courier I often won't buy from them, unless they're willing to drastically mark down the declared value.
Price drop
What is the material?
Price drop
Four ties for sale that haven't been worn much. $55 > $50 > $45 > $40 > $35 each shipped in North America. I will ship internationally but it will cost extra. Sam Hober Macclesfield Print 3 fold - yellow dots on navy - L: 57 inches W: 3.4 inches Hermes - red flowers with blue dots - L: 60 inches W: 3.6 inches SOLD Hermes - blue with stripes/belt buckles - L: 58 inches W: 3.5 inches RLPL - dark teal with red flowers - (this one is nwt) - L: 59 inches W: 3.65 inches SOLD
Buffalo: O'connells
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