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While I generally agree that tan is better left to cotton and linen, I think the wheat colour suit in question can work as long as it doesn't pretend to be a casual suit. IMO patch pockets with this colour fresco don't work, but if dressed up with flap pockets and worn with a more formal shirt and tie can work quite well. This is a gaberdine suit but the colour is very similar:
Question for those of you with some experience of heavier weight tweed cloths. I have an 18 ounce donegal tweed overcoat, and I find that it is not really warm enough to wear in the dead of winter. Will a 23-25 ounce tweed overcoat wear that much warmer? I'm looking to have made a tweed overcoat that can be worn for very cold days, but am wondering if 5-7 ounces heavier will wear that much warmer to make it worth it.
Being relatively new to high end tailored clothing, I am wondering if someone can advise on overcoat rotation and whether overcoats need to rest for a few days before being worn again as does a suit. I haven't bought and worn through an overcoat yet, so what is the consensus on wearing the same coat everyday? I'm assuming an overcoat will get a lot less wear than a suit (worn for less time during the day, minimal sitting, not nearly as much rubbing from movement.) So is...
I have limited experience with them (only 4 or 5 shirts) but I found the quality of the stitching to be poor, and after 4 or 5 washings the cuffs became quite wrinkly and hard to iron (I'd asked for non-fused) but I still don't believe the cuffs should have been like that. After that I stopped ordering from them.
Lovely fabric on your jacket. Is that off the rack? If not please provide cloth details.
Go to Creeds. It will cost you an arm and a leg but it will be done properly
Hi there,Would you mind telling me the fabric number of the pink oxford on the bottom there? Really lovely colour.cheers
Is that an irish poplin?
Yes DHL will send you your bill in the mail. As you would expect, stuff gets through sans customs charges much more often with Canada Post. Though I just paid $120 on a $400 package the other day. If a company is only willing to ship with a courier I often won't buy from them, unless they're willing to drastically mark down the declared value.
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