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Eric, what is the fabric used for the blue herringbone jacket here? Looks superb.
Take this for what it's worth, as I've no idea if what I do works or it's just a coincidence, but I don't dry clean anything when I store it for the season, and I haven't had a problem with moths thus far, despite the fact that I see them in my building quite frequently. I just take my jackets/trousers out and give them a bit of a brush/move them around about once a month while they're in storage, and so far I've had no problems. Do the same thing with sweaters/scarves,...
What size is it? I might be interested in it if you are looking to sell.
Gordon's son Eric works with/for his father and I believe he has plans to take over the business once his father retires. I don't think that he has been trained as a tailor, but seems to have a keen interest in clothing and traditional tailoring, as well as being very helpful in servicing customers, particularly those not based in Hong Kong. I'm not sure who will take over as "master" tailor when Gordon retires, but I am sure they must be grooming someone as I don't think...
Not really a fan of any of those. The first one is awful, and definitely not that summery. The second is too much like a POW pattern to be a jacket, and while I don't mind the 3rd, the peach overcheck is going to be hard to pair with shirts and ties.I've found it so hard to find nice lightweight jacketing that at the moment I own a single summer jacket that I don't really like. Whereas with winter jacketing there are so many nice patterns it is hard to choose.
I'm looking for a fabric similar to this to make an overcoat. I've looked at a few houndstooths, but would much prefer a small check as in the photo. Preferably tweed and preferably a heavier weight 17 or 18 oz +.
Any idea what W. Bill fabric this is?Looks like 60130 can anyone confirm?
Looking to sell 3.6 metres of Fox Flannel - 13/14 oz woolen mid grey with light windowpane check. Willing to move for a very good price. Please PM me if interested. SOLD
I am a 9.5 in one foot and a 10.5 in another foot. They are slightly long on my shorter foot. I would say though that they do fit true to a US 10.5. The sizing issue isn't huge, but I have a number of shoes already and would like to move these.
Solid white, especially in a non-button collar, is quite formal and is generally best worn with a suit (preferably a more formal suit such as a solid or stripe). In this context it is the most formal shirt, appropriate for weddings and funerals and perhaps fully suited nights out. It is certainly not passe and in some contexts is the only appropriate shirt to wear. However with today's decreased levels of formality all over the place a lot of men not in white collar jobs...
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