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I live in Toronto and have done very well with two pairs of C&J scotch grain shoes with dainite soles. One of the models is the Coniston and the other is a burgundy derby. I rotate both through the winter and wear them in both snow and rain. The scotch grain is terrific for foul weather and it is pretty tough to ruin. Just make sure to get the salt off after every wear. I've always found commando soles look too informal for tailored clothing. I wouldn't wear dainite...
Does such a thing exist anymore? I've tried all of the top brands and have come away unimpressed to some degree with each. Pantherella - too thin and even the otc don't stay up. Pattens are pretty lame. Nagrani - not a huge fan of their patterns, but if you go with the more conservative stuff not bad. Quality issues. Corgi - wearing a pair of cashmere socks right now with a retail price above $100. Have worn them less than 5 times and both socks have big holes. Enough...
Wow that is an absolute disgrace. I would be contacting both Allen Edmonds and Nordstrom to express your displeasure. I don't own any AEs, having never much cared for the styling, however I'd always considered them for a pair of dress beaters. Now I wouldn't even consider them for that purpose.
I've no real knowledge of construction, but having handled and worn most of the top brands, my favourites are Kiton, Hober and Marinella. Strictly pattern wise I really like Borrelli. Have not tried Capelli yet but am eager to. For some reason I'm usually a bit underwhelmed by Drakes ties, especially for the price.
Trend might be able to give you a bespoke suit for the high end of your budget, depending on fabric. They do excellent work, just be sure to let Don know you want a more conservative style. Last time I was there they had some nice in house fabrics. Would certainly be worth inquiring.
That grey is pretty standard, and perfectly suited to most environments. Perhaps not for evening wear, but it really isn't that light. A very light grey I would consider more of a summer suit, but the above is pretty mid-grey to me.
It will really depend on whether you run hot or cold. Also, whether you will be outside a lot or spend a lot of time indoors. I prefer most of my tweeds a bit heavier (around 14 oz) but there should be nothing wrong with 11. However I would think of this as more of a mid-season weight than a winter weight. If you are just starting it is certainly a versatile weight, and then you could get some heavier tweeds in the future.
Yes definitely nothing quite as pleasurable as dealing with an English cloth merchant. I swear sometimes they have samples in the post fifteen minutes after I've emailed them, and this is sometimes after I've requested a third batch of samples without buying anything.
Any recommendations for mid weight trousering? Something that would bridge the gap between cotton/linen and cord/flannel that has some texture and could ideally swap in under summer odd jackets as well as lighter tweeds.
Can anyone comment on Harrison's Moonbeam? Does it wear warmer than its weight? How does it drape? I really like the hand and patterns but am a bit concerned about durability.
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