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Surely someone must be interested in this fabric...
If you are interested in this and have questions or need more pictures please let me know. My apologies that the fabric is a bit wrinkled, but that will not be a problem to tailor and I don't want to attempt to iron it myself.
I use him as well. Mostly for small jobs but the work is always good. Certainly a bit more expensive, but worth it for nicer items. Been meaning to try him for some cmt trousers.
Hober six fold worn only once. Burgundy with orange dots. 3.4 inches wide, 57 inches long Price includes shipping in North America. Add $5 for international shipping. $80 > 70 > 60 > 50
Weight is around 13 ounces. Also, for any of my fellow Torontonians I can knock off $50 that would have been spent on shipping if you wanted to do local pick up.
Selling 5.5 meters of Minnis blue birdseye here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/449551/jj-minnis-blue-birdseye-5-5-metres Apologize for the repost but was told to add a picture.
Have been to LeatherFoot once to buy some saphir and I found the young guy inside pretty welcoming and enthusiastic. I am so glad we are finally getting some decent footwear options here. I hate seeing a guy doing pretty well from the ankles up only to look down and see a hideous pair of black square toes from ALDO. There are so many more options than even five years ago.
From the Classic 1 Collection. Weight is around 13oz. I bought this originally to make a suit with an extra pair of trousers, but unfortunately need to sell it. I am 6'1 with a size 40 chest, but best to check with your tailor on length requirements. Color is very hard to capture and certainly changes a bit in different lights (just due to the Birdseye weave) but I would say it resolves to a bit lighter than true navy. I would like to sell this so I am offering it at...
I live in Toronto and have done very well with two pairs of C&J scotch grain shoes with dainite soles. One of the models is the Coniston and the other is a burgundy derby. I rotate both through the winter and wear them in both snow and rain. The scotch grain is terrific for foul weather and it is pretty tough to ruin. Just make sure to get the salt off after every wear. I've always found commando soles look too informal for tailored clothing. I wouldn't wear dainite...
Does such a thing exist anymore? I've tried all of the top brands and have come away unimpressed to some degree with each. Pantherella - too thin and even the otc don't stay up. Pattens are pretty lame. Nagrani - not a huge fan of their patterns, but if you go with the more conservative stuff not bad. Quality issues. Corgi - wearing a pair of cashmere socks right now with a retail price above $100. Have worn them less than 5 times and both socks have big holes. Enough...
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