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yeah everybody buy everything at Haymakers lol. i have a vested interest in this
Haymakers' stuff. I believe she said this is all they're going to have. Or maybe there's more to come. Haha. I didn't clarify on that point.
FWIW @TheoProf, I can't think of a better combination than tweed and chinos. Whatever avenue of logic @Caustic Man has gone down in his own brain to arrive at disliking it is entirely personal, unique and unusual. Plus he said it himself. I'm not sure what I'd do if I couldn't wear chinos with tweed! (I have to admit I own no actual tweed... but I want to! haha)
haha. i bought and sold an eidos piece last year (hemp/wool in beige) because what i wanted was a true tan, and it was more greige. also the fit was slightly off. hope you make your peace with it!
I was confused by this comment. Is this a reference to your eidos jacket that's the weird brown-gray color? must not have been paying attn to the forum...
fankstweed + chinos:https://youtu.be/oEuljvGB-YU?t=1m30s
If it fits the same as the Camicia polo I have from 2014, it's about the same as Lupo. I have both in M. Neither seems bigger or smaller than the other. I'd guess these are the same.
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