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Others may have better recs, but I've got to say, there's not much in terms of local, awesome menswear places (i.e. not Nordstrom or Brooks Bros.). The places I do know of sell the usual midwestern-favored brands (Samuelsohn, HSM, Hickey)—one in Hyde Park called 45/46 has HSM, Boss, HF, Allen Edmonds, plus various casual wear brands, but isn't much to write home about; and one downtown called Hunt Club Clothiers carries Samuelsohn and Alden (plus others, probably). If...
Still going to Hyde Park Tailors. Tom Licata is still very good. He keeps raising his prices, however—I'm thinking more and more he's pricing himself out of regular alterations in order to reduce his business as he grows older and focus only on custom clothing (he makes, as far as I can tell, fully bespoke suits and sport coats for various clients, and his client list is getting bigger). So, as an example, his price now to slim down a jacket on the side seams is $75 (on a...
Perhaps old news for everybody (maybe my searching capability is severely handicapped), but I communicated with Kamakura and asked them whether the TSF spread collars are longer than the NYRF spread collars. Short answer is, they are—their slim fit spread-collar shirts (both Tokyo and NY) have approx 3.5" collars, and the regular fit shirts (again, both Tokyo and NY) are about 3". I didn't ask about the button-down collars; I'd presume they're the same, but who knows.Here...
I'm a little late to the sales frenzy, but I don't suppose anybody's seen the white camicia polo in size medium on discount at bloomies or anywhere, and would proxy for me?
Another weekend, another wedding. Traveled solo this time.
ahh, ok thanks. was hoping it was in regular oxford!
university stripe? link?
Brand new. Unworn. Jamison has not gotten back with me about a return. I bought them at full retail, he dropped the price, so I'm going to take a hit on these, which sucks. My loss could be your gain, though.
Thanks! I'm only consistent bc I don't post everyday
Breaking the "tie width should approximately equal width of the lapels" rule.
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