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48, they do stock, depending on the coat. No sure what's left though.Also for shipping overseas good question. You can email them to find out possibly.
Could be. Just give them a call to make sure. I could have sworn last night three were hanging on the rack. Their eCommerce system is crappy lol. 615-810-9442.
I have 2-inch cuffed chinos and suede penny loafers on. They are the same things y'all always see because they're the same things I always wear! lol Eidos jacket (duh) PC cotton-linen Oxford cloth shirt (love this thing) J.Crew pantalones (Bowery chino, which in my waist size comes in a 36-inch inseam, so I was able to cuff them) BB tie J.Crew wool square (I never wear this thing bc I often don't know how to pair it, but it looks good against navy, I think) Polo Ralph...
Dude deserves a medal of some kind for being a Gold Star Member or something.
Just spent some time reminiscing about the good old days last spring. Wish I could get my hands on this jacket now!
Guys, incredible, incredible prices at Haymakers.I'm 90% sure this is their last season carrying it, so everything that's there is all they'll have until it's gone.Someone PLEASE buy this navy flannel suit in size 56. It's amazing. I almost bought it in my size end of last season but couldn't drop the money at the time. It's cheaper in real life than it's listed on their website, so call them if you wear 56 (it's under $500, IIRC—70% off I believe).The micro-houndstooth...
Moved south and it may not get cold enough to wear... Condition is NWOT Measurements are P2P: 24" (61cm) Length: 39" (99cm) Sleeves measured from center collar seam (like you measure a dress shirt, since it is a raglan coat): 35.75" (91cm) Shoulder (approx, again, being raglan): 19" (48.25cm)
The photo is not representative of the product bloomies sells. The photo is of a tenero jacket. The product you will get is the 2-button Balthazar.
Thanks man. Same hair as the other day haha. Just styled it better lolThanks. I normally would agree but for some reason I feel like it works. I dunno.
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