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Starting a thread for this new phase of A&F. Been finding nice things there and am glad Aaron Levine has breathed life into this place. I never cared for the store growing up—but mostly because its image was so douchey (though I did have a pair of non-cargo chinos from there that I loved for years and mourned after they finally died). There's a nice interview with him on the podcast Blamo! here:
i loved that sweater when i got to try it on. probably the most versatile version of a turtleneck that i've personally tried (something about the roll neck makes it more wearable)
Snuff suede chukkas my manAlmost hate to give away my secret, but…
i was inspired by an image of meow meow in a cream turtleneck, tweed, jeans and a barbour bedale.
i'll disagree and say—roma is my favorite, kamakura second. incredible jacket, of course. that tie is what, four, 4.5 feet wide? i jest i jest
Looks pretty good to me. In my opinion, the Formosa silhouette is meant to have a bit of that shoulder extension look (feel the shoulder—the wadding in the end of the shoulder by the seam should keep it from sagging). The chest looks good to me, too. I'm afraid sizing down would make it overall too tight.The only thing I'm on the fence about on this (overlooking the obvious alterations you'd do like sleeve length and pant hem), is the jacket length. Without seeing it from...
Randomly refreshed the Aran mockneck page on Mr. Porter—and BOOM, it says "Medium—only one left." Thank you to whoever bought this joker and returned it in the window of time where the sale was still ongoing and I could serendipitously refresh the page obsessively to find it in stock and instakop. (now, let's hope Mr Porter can fulfill haha)
It's lightweight enough I think it could be worn if it's 60° out. It's ultra soft too so there's no mistaking it for tweed either.Hope that helps.You should buy it. It is amazing 😉
Just wanting to say, I'm shocked nearly all sizes of the emerald SC at NMWA are still available.'s really, really good guys.If you're on the fence because you're not sure about the color IRL, the image on NMWA's site is perfect studio lighting and shows excellent detail but makes it appear lighter than it is.Here are some pics showing the color in different lighting...
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