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So basically I desperately want to buy the white camicia polo. Where could I possibly find it in order to buy it, though? Only haberdash sells online but doesn't have it in white (they have a red one, but no other colors at this stage). Curse my Midwestern milieu!
So... The made in USA PRL stuff has a structured shoulder, though being full canvassed? Like, for example, this?
I ordered two pairs of pants in December, returned one (kept the other), and while there was maybe a week or two delay, it was nothing outrageous—not long enough that would cause any undue interest charges on my credit card. Anyhow, looking at buying another 2-3 pairs from him once I can save the money—I hope he resolves everyone's problems soon! It honestly sounds like an understaffing problem, though I'd have thought he'd get a handle on this sooner.
Cool, I hope it works out well for you! Post pics in this thread if you need help determining fit, etc.
So this is like several days late but with regard to the whole @sugarbutch pant debacle, I wanted to say I think it's interesting how our own tastes change—both individually and collectively. What seems normal now will, a year from now, seem completely ridiculous. Case in point: a year ago I had my tailor slim these pants to match a pair of SuitSupply pants I found to be very elegant yet fitted. Upon receiving them back I felt like I had gotten a new pair of...
Maybe. It was a few years ago. At the time it was new with tags—but I suppose it could've been from a year or two before that, dead stock kind of situation.
I had a Corneliani blazer that was super boxy with massive shoulder padding—if they can make the soft-shouldered stuff for Polo that we've all come to love, I'm sure Hickey can do it, too. I figure as long as the "input" they give Hickey doesn't differ much from what they gave Corneliani, the "output" will live up to our expectations. And honestly, if it means that the stuff will be less expensive to get ahold of through regular channels (especially during their 40% +...
From 2010-2014, I had only one suit , and it was a mid gray wentworth TML sharkskin suit.I wore it 1-2 times per week on average. I've had it dry cleaned maybe once (? Not totally sure).It's held up very well, which I chalk up to its fabric—it is very hard wearing and resistant to becoming shiny, etc.So for the price I'd say my experience has been good. But I have issues with the fit ( specifically the shoulders look bad on me), and the British structured look does not fit...
Brisket to die for
[[SPOILER]] Happy 4th of July everyone!Kent Wang poloJ.Crew jeansTretorn shoesBrooks Brothers beltSeiko bulky sports watch
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