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AM and PM attire yesterday. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
*ahem* http://www.styleforum.net/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/6360#post_7348611
want my gray polo that's shrunk like a mofo? haha. i'd sell it to you for cheap if so. PM me if interested and i can give you details
She'd be thrilled you asked: it's her FilofaxWow what a compliment! That is exactly the way I try to dress, so the fact that you picked up on it is a huge validation.As for photography, most of my pics are taken on my iPhone with a self timer app; I set it up on a table outside on our patio (the lighting at the end of the day works best) and do a cheesy pose. Occasionally I can cajole my professional photographer of a wife into snapping my pic, usually with the iPhone and...
Haha thanks! You've likely seen it before in my fit pics just from a less dramatic angle. The magic of photography Thanks! Classico II IIRCThis morning, coffee in Newport.
Incredible full-canvas Boglioli for Bergdorf Goodman Made-in-Italy linen sportcoat in a 3-roll-2.5 lapel configuration. Fully lined and fully canvassed, this has a beautiful natural shoulder expression. Although it does have padded shoulders, its expression is very natural/round. It's very handsome. Welted breast pocket, flapped besom hip pockets and flapped ticket pocket. Cuffs have four buttons—three are fake, one is functional. Measurements: Chest (pit-to-pit):...
Our five days of celebration continues, today including a photo shoot (all done ourselves via remote and tripod). Dressed up with our bikes in the back yard eHaberdasher Benjamin suitTMLewin shirtPolo tieMeermin dub-monks (couldn't resist the sockless look)Calvin Klein dress (on her) [[SPOILER]]
Here's a polo tag I've never seen before. It's on a garment in considering on eBay. Any ideas?
This is a tag I've never seen before. Help, anyone?
Thanks so much!
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