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i ordered a bunch of stuff from other makers i'd been eyeing at nmwa for a while and didn't know about sizing. formosa, rota and g. inglese specifically. i may post in the nmwa thread about it.yeah, tried on the fresco again and it's weird—feels much smaller. seriously odd. just two hours difference and it's binding up in the armholes and shoulders like crazy. so i guess i'll stick with 52!!
first time ordering this size, so couldn't tell you
wow thanks guys! ok this is going to sound bizarro but i just tried it on again and it's way too tight. not sure how just 2 hours makes that much of a difference but i'm definitely feeling it bind up a lot more in the armholes and shoulders. i guess i truly am a 52—or i gained some significant muscle mass this morning lol.also the pants here are the bigger problem as far as this suit goes. seat, waist, hips and crotch are all pulling like crazy. i'd have to let it out in...
X-Post from the Eidos thread for pics.
Got my mega NMWA shipment in today (I ordered a bunch of stuff to try on). One item was the navy fresco suit. I sized down from my traditional Eidos size of 52 to size 50. Turns out it fits literally perfectly in every way. Pants (size 34 / 50 presumably), not so much (tight in the waist, crotch, seat and hips. Great otherwise! lol) No idea if Partenopea manufacture has anything to do with it, but all the stuff about last season's jacket I bought (the gun club) that...
LOL. Jinx!
Question for you Greg: Are jackets that are a part of suits from Eidos cut longer than sportcoats in the same size, that you have observed or know of? Or are they generally identical (or meant to be identical)? Turns out size 50 fits me literally perfect in every way straight off the hanger, even the length (which would've been my biggest concern). Also, whether it's due to Partenopea manufacturing or not, I'm pleased to say that everything that really bugged me about...
Add a hidden, not extra confusing or unnecessarily complex option for the standard wide placket!!! It's not just American sportswear, it's on lots of other shirts too!
LOL I have no vested interest other than just seeing my local shop succeed and being able to continue carrying my favorite brand!
One is brown (on the right in the pic). The one behind it is a faded olive green. And navy of course.
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