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Muchas graciasI always hope that people don't remember my early days on the forum. Ghastly!
Dad jeans anyone?Haha. These are J.Crew's 2008 version of Vintage Slim. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks to all for the thumbs and compliments!
Looks great dude.I've actually found that tie looks better with a spread collar shirt than a button-down collar anyhow…First post in a while—my normal pic-taking spot was covered in 8-10 inches of snow for like 6 weeks and I was ambivalent about shoveling it. But spring is nigh in Cincinnati, so here I am once more. [[SPOILER]]
well if that doesn't look like a university stripe OCBD… sadly, it's listed as dobby fabric http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gSF0036234189/?select=true#
Cool man. I wondered bc that exact fabric is what this Brooks Brothers jacket I picked up on sale this season is made of. But yours is clearly different in cut and configuration.Looks great on you![IMG [[SPOILER]]
Tell me, what label is this sportcoat?
Popped into the store today. Their Own Make suits were 60% off, coming to $518. I was super tempted by a couple of them. Today was the last day.
Looking for an Olive color Barbour Liddesdale in size medium
The ever-classic, unbeatable, amazing, classic Alden Longwing in genuine Shell Cordovan, Color #8, in size 11D. They're used, but they've been worn so few times, you've got years of life left in the sole. The shoe trees are not included. Price includes continental US shipping. ’
New Posts  All Forums: