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just saw this. they're meermin double monks (if you were asking me!)
lol, sicki'm really flattered, thanks!Today's fit. Got some stuff from BB with free money they just kept sending me in the mail. [[SPOILER]]
thankscotton-cashmere (i.e. like 92% cotton, 8% cashmere haha)
Comfortable, casual. Cut my face off bc I didn't like how it looked haha [[SPOILER]]
Price includes shipping in the continental US. Happy to ship elsewhere, just let me know and we can work out a price. Super awesome tweed in a classic configuration (i.e. it doesn't look too 80s, 70s, 90s, whatever); pretty high gorge, classic 3-roll-2, shoulders aren't too narrow or wide, classic POW check, etc. etc. Color reproduction looks weird in the pics because of the background being kinda yellowish, but I promise you that the color of the jacket itself is...
Comfy ThursdayPolo cardiganProper Cloth popover OCBDHoward Yount flannelsPolo suede loafs [[SPOILER]]
My wife mentioned that after taking the first pic so I moved it but not before taking this shot lol
Awesome Indoor pics today.Brooks Brothers jacket, tie and cardiKamakura OCBDHoward Yount trousersMeermin dub monks [[SPOILER]]
Heyo, casualin' it down a bit today. You can always tell when my wife takes my pics instead of me setting it on a table because when she takes them, they aren't pics at crotch-height.Unnecessary layers for 50° weatherPRL blazerBB cotton sweaterBlack Fleece OCBDBanana Republic chinos & rain jacketAlden #8 cordovan gunboats [[SPOILER]]
!!!Maybe I'm more a product of current trends than I'd like to admit, but the higher / upward-pointing gorge looks better to me.
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