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Endeavoring to do pics every day, even on days that are kinda "blah" for me, so everybody can see who I truly am [[SPOILER]]
OK, don't wanna spam this thread up, but turns out the wedding reception is "casual attire."For contrast, my dad jumped in for a pic (he changed before we left for the evening).Obvs my adorable wife steals the show. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks very much!
Suit up.I plan to change a few details in this fit later tonight for a wedding reception, maybe I’ll post a pic or two of that. [[SPOILER]]
Same jacket, different day. You know the drill. [[SPOILER]]
Some really great inspiration in that shoot.Antonio, I gotta let you know—I was sitting thinking about my wardrobe the other day (only on styleforum could a guy say that lol) and came to a decision to focus on buying Eidos exclusively for a while. I really dig the aesthetic—it totally jives with my own—and am at the point in my life where I have clothes I can wear day-in and day-out while I focus on upgrading key pieces and branching out a bit. So, great work, keep on...
Thought it was spring when I put on this tie; it was 33°F when we took these pics… [[SPOILER]]
Well you have the benefit of having been fairly well-established in your style when you joined; I've gone through my 20s in the time I've been a member here.In '08 I was 21, a junior in college and started thinking about clothes. I got married after I graduated—which I will credit with my having not made the mistake of buying too much too early, at least to the same degree many do when they discover SF (on account of being poor and having financial responsibility toward...
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