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don't we all
regret no more, most sizes of it are magically restockedhttp://www.brooksbrothers.com/Fitzgerald-Fit-Check-Sport-Coat/MM00386,default,pd.html
Thanks guys. It's actually kind of a boondoggle jacket to me in some ways. I had them order it in to try (from BB), and when I went to try it on, I had had a pint or two. It fit horribly in the chest, but I bought it anyway (dumb alcohol fueled decision). In order to make it fit, my tailor reduced the chest, which cost me 50% again what I paid for the jacket to begin with. He's exceptionally skilled at tailoring, but nonetheless, there are some vertical folds in the chest...
Haven't posted for a couple days. Today, and yesterday. [[SPOILER]]
you will love this
If you look at the measurements of that PRL I have for sale, it measures more like a 42 or slim 44. Might be mislabeled. Who knows.Weird. I ordered 52, which I would consider my size in any brand (42US that is).The first Eidos piece I bought was a polo last summer, size M. Here's a pic of me in it. [[SPOILER]] Me too, y'all. In a couple weeks when I visit Haymakers in nashville I'm interested to try on the other cuts of jackets, since my only experience is this NMWA model...
the Eidos brown silk jacket More fit pics here.
Two fits using the same jacket—I know, gauche, but it's just a great jacket.Jacket is Eidos' brown silk via No Man Walks Alone [[SPOILER]]
I'm just under 6'0". If you're wondering about overall fit and whether I should've maybe gone for a 54 instead of a 52, what makes you ask that?
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