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A staple pair of brown suede longwings, made for Brooks Brothers' Peal & Co. label in England by Alfred Sargent. They're obviously pre-owned and have been worn but have lots of life left in the soles. Fits true to size as an 11 D medium. An awesome shoe. It's got some tongue pads installed. Shoe trees not included and price includes shipping in the continental US.
Looks beautiful. But in what universe is this a 42L?
Ahhh, no I did not. Their awful web design threw me off, lol. Thanks for the info
Yessir, PTO's write-up is where I had gotten my info. I'll take a pic tonight but I measured and compared the collar to my other OCBDs yesterday, and yep, 8.5cm almost exactly. Bizarre.As for Luxire, what appeals to me about Proper Cloth is this: http://propercloth.com/collar-styles/soft-ivy-button-down-collar$85 for their light blue Oxford cloth. Seems like a slam dunk.Thanks for the tip, however, as there are some other shirt styles I'd like to buy and I want to look at...
OK, washed and ironed the blue OCBD. I'll add my thoughts to the thread for anybody still thinking about getting one but who hasn't yet. For reference, I purchased this OCBD: http://shop.kamakurashirts.com/goods_en_usd_556.html. Light blue Xinjiang Oxford in New York Classic Fit, size 16.5/35.5. Collar Collar is more or less identical in length to my BB OCBDs (8.5cm…3.25" or so). I must admit, this is a huge disappointment to me. I was hoping Kamakura would have longer...
So, finally received my light blue OCBD (silly post office didn't communicate that I had to pick it up—it's been sitting there for 2 weeks!) Anyway, having read the reviews, I was under the impression that the collar points were longer than Brooks Brothers'—by maybe a quarter inch. But… they are exactly the same length as the white BB OCBD I was wearing today. Slightly different shape, but exact same length. Has something changed here?
Ok I am convinced. Ordering now
In the market for a solid navy suit. 90% sure I'll buy the Benjamin. I'll probably decide in the next week or two. Perhaps it's been answered before, but is it a fairly structured garment or does it have softer shoulders, etc.? In the absence of a great deal on eBay for a Corneliani or Samuelsohn or something along those lines, it seems like a slam dunk purchase to me. Super 140s does seem a bit high to me, but I'm sure with the frequency that I'll wear it, it'll hold up.
Never posted in SWD before. Tried on the Beaufort yesterday—tried one size down from my suit/jacket sizing. Worked great, except the sleeves! I'm thinking maybe I want the Border jacket instead, not just for the longer sleeves (it has longer sleeves, right? lol), but also slightly longer length to cover over my tweed jackets, etc. if I decide to wear it with sport coats.
Excited to try out Kamakura. I've been watching this thread for a few months and finally ordered the light blue XINJIANG COTTON OCBD: http://shop.kamakurashirts.com/goods_en_usd_556.html In case there's anybody still on the fence, I will post my thoughts and comparisons to my other blue OCBDs from BB and Black Fleece. I wear extra slim fit in BB, but Kamakura's weird sizing doesn't have an appropriate neck/sleeve combination for me in either of their slim fits. Their...
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