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That looks like it's knit, in contrast with the one i got—the medallion print one from barneys (same as this one at trunk). I got my normal sportcoat size. Here is how it fit me (see any of the 48 images above for sportcoat comparison lol). [[SPOILER]]
X-post from the Friday challenge.
X-post from Friday challenge.This is a new Eidos jacket. I am mostly certain it will join my wardrobe. Still a bit on the fence (shoulders are a bit snug, which is the only real issue with it. just deciding if the style is for me).
Yes, thanks for clarifying! I've only tried on one Ciro over a year ago, but haven't seen one since.Also, nobody judge me for how clearly obsessed I am with Eidos LOL.
Tipo—mostly dead. Supposedly some small specialty shops carry it still. No clue which. One of the most conservative cuts. 3-button. More classic length. Natural shoulder, but not totally unpadded (if you can call what it has pads—mostly just the canvas plus a little extra. Maybe even just another lay of canvas in the shoulder is almost what it feels like). [[SPOILER]] Tenero—the main cut you'll find nowadays. Carried by most places that carry Eidos. 3-button. Less padding...
Haha, there were two on eBay, I think. Tipo is longer than Tenero, so depending what length you need, 52R may work for you.I'm prooooobably keeping them both.
LOL you guys are such enablers.(i'm leaning towards keeping them both)
heh. it IS a 52. if i decide to send it back i'll let you know.fwiw, my wife loves the blue, doesn't care much for the tan windowpane.
Picked up a couple Eidos jackets from SS14 for a good deal on eBay. Curious what peeps here think. I'm looking to fill out my summer wardrobe—currently I only have my navy raw silk jacket and the brown raw silk suit. So I wanted something lighter. And specifically, I've wanted something in the tan color range for years (have had several over the years, but none have been just right).Threw the blue in the order, too, because the photography in the lookbook from that season...
New Posts  All Forums: