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haha thanks. meermin
[[SPOILER]] here's a fit from this weekend hanging out with my fam. this one goes out to all the haters [[SPOILER]]
Eidos brothers. Tipo on my bro and NMWA on me. Other brands include Polo, Sid Mashburn, Propercloth, Brooks Brothers, Howard Young and Meermin.
Brand spank new Eidos jacket via NMWA, and my bro in Eidos as well. Plus a bunch of other brands. Hope it's been a happy thanksgiving for everybody in America! And for everyone else's I hope you give thanks regularly
Who ever takes off their jacket?
My only purchase this weekend was the emerald green SC from NMWA.That, and the mockneck aran, were my two must-haves from this season. Probably won't be getting the sweater, but LOVING this SC. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks my man! Wanna see pics when you get alterations!
Totally agree. Lapel roll is as good as last season. And this fabric
Thanks! Chambray Eidos from last winter or summer
A few pics IRL. [[SPOILER]] ]
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