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Hey Antonio are you the kind of guy who reads 6 compliments with one small perceived critique buried in the middle and focus only on the negative thing? lol
Yeah, dude, this season Cheers!
absolutely! my personal preferences are totally informed by my own opinions and biases. sometimes i think what i like has more to do with what i grew up seeing and the crap mens wearhouse type suits that were the norm back then (and the ones i wore in my late teens / early 20s! ick! lol), and just being different than that, than anything else, you know?maybe that's it—i like 3-roll-2, not 2 button, or a hard 3-button, the latter of which are both super common and badly...
yep, that's me! lol
i'd say it's more than that, though (slimmer vs more relaxed). a more drapey chest is part of the formosa silhouette—i'd probably nip the waist a bit if i were to decide to buy one. but i consider my brown raw silk suit from a year ago's season. got some extra room in the chest, is a little looser overall, yet a more attractive cut overall.I don't know. i appreciate you guys pushing me on this because it's super possible i am just strongly opinionated based on nothing more...
lol. it's no secret i'm a fan, but i won't pretend there's stuff about each and every eidos garment i own that i don't like and / or bugs me. but the overall silhouette, which is created by dozens of small decisions, all add up to a whole. i'm judging the two side by side and one is a lot more attractive to me.btw if this season's cut were like last season i wouldn't be writing this.
tbh it's probably just my personal preference for a "rounder" silhouette. and trying to break it down would be hard, but let me say it this way:what set Tom Ford's suits apart in his prime?what set Thom Browne's suits apart in his prime?what set Armani's suits apart in his prime?In the era those guys were at their prime, it's not as if wide, peak-lapel suits had never existed, or narrow-lapeled suits, or drapey, comfortable suits, but a set of design decisions by TF, TB or...
Shout out to @NickPollica—I have an Eidos suit and a Formosa suit sitting side by side here, both from NMWA. I appreciate Formosa's quality, but the Eidos blows it away in character and style. Lots of people love Formosa and point to it as an excellent example of Neapolitan tailoring. Obviously different strokes for different folks (ok that's out of the way). And I fully understand there's no "definitive" Neapolitan maker out there who completely embodies what makes...
Nah it wasn't about whether the cut changed, but rather if I were in between and could stand to size down instead of up.
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