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Side note, got my new old Tipo taken in in the sides. I told 'em not to tighten it up too much up top, but dang if this thing doesn't bind up in the upper back now. I'll be taking it back to have them let it back out a bit. But it does look good! [[SPOILER]] Moral of the story: The Tenero is perfect IMO. Well, assuming I can get one long enough (which is possibly an L. I don't know).
Yes. Love the Tenero.My SS15 has puffy shoulders, which aren't a big deal (and if I massage them a bit, goes away as my latest IG pic will attest). That seemed to go away in the more recent ones I've tried on. So what did you "fix"?
Tag says for sure.
not a bad idea…IIRC Antonio was selling stuff on here one time and said "PRICE INCREASE!" instead of a drop lol
So, you dig?(I have all the same observations on mine, too. It rocks nicely with sleeves rolled and the short length is actually pretty good untucked, something I never do with button-up shirts. But I can still wear it tucked underneath an SC and it works)
Dear @NickPollica, make this shirt again (pretty pretty please)!
dont you live in nyc where it gets frozen and you actually do need another coat?
yes, but…
Roped shoulders are the bomb. I wear natural/bald/round shoulders because I feel comfortable dressing them down. Padded shoulders feel best dressed up. You are all wrong about roped shoulders looking bad.
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