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Yeah so this is now their definitive OCBD. It is replacing the first one you linked to that is presumably the one you've been buying for all these years.They made a big deal about it a few months back—they removed the collar interlining and the chest pocket, so it is now more like what it was like half a century ago. But in the process, they also upped the price (presumably because they noticed other shops, like O'Connell's, Mercer & Sons, the Knottery, and countless...
Four pairs of J.Crew wool trousers from various times in the recent history for sale here. Three of the four are Bowery, the fourth predates that name. So, $30 $25 apiece shipped. Buy two pair, I'll do $55$45 total shipped. Do three, $80$70. All four, $100$90. All are in very good condition as I just have not worn them that much. Thanks for looking! Navy ludlow classic fit 34/30 FA13 Waist: 18.5" Rise: 11" Thigh 2" down: 13" Inseams: 29.5" Opening: 8.25" Dark gray...
Guilty as charged, I guess, lol.
Can't wait for the 3D knit cashmere sweater to go 80% off
I'm a major fan of RF. Before they added stretch, the chinos were my favorite because they fit slim, but were a solid twill fabric—nothing like the thin, cheap cotton you find on J.Crew chinos, which they're obviously trying to compete with. I also have an awesome cream loose-weave cotton roll neck raglan sleeve sweater from RF that's perfect for cool spring and fall evenings. My wife doesn't bother looking at regular BB women's stuff, but owns a dozen or so RF items. I...
ha! i do recall you saying the collar was not supposed to be white.
Got this email this morning. They're reducing the corporate discount to 25% from the usual 30%.
super random side note. if anyone owns this in M or L, and would consider selling it, PM me. I kick myself often for not snatching it from Haberdash before their demise. [[SPOILER]]
how do these size? i wear 41 in dress shirts and sport shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: