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thanks—it's a popover. i stopped ironing most of my shirts a while ago. kinda casual-fied
Here's me yesterday.Basically wearing what I wear everyday—Eidos jacket, Red Fleece chinos, OCBD or variation thereof, absurd amounts of wristraff, suede loafers and my dad's Omega watch. My wife and I may have been a little drunk when we took these pics… [[SPOILER]]
I'm back! Glad to see everyone keeping the torch burning while I was gone Back to coat and the occasional tie after the best week ever at summer camp.Here's what I wore yesterday. [[SPOILER]] Bonus video.
Hey y'all, been awhile. New photo spot.Sid Mashburn Madras and Eidos raw silk today for the hot and humid weather.Also BB red fleece chinos and Sperry one-eye boat shoes.Decided the other day I'm going to go sockless as much as I can this summer.Probably won't post again for a while—heading to summer camp this weekend and will be in polo shirts and shorts for a week! Keep it real! [[SPOILER]]
nevermind! just saw it's sold out evidently. that said they explained to me they could do MTM with the eidos books from last season (presuming fabrics are still available), and presumably that would mean they'd do the Ciro
Haymaker's & Co. in Nashville has a gray suit in the Ciro.https://www.haymakersandco.com/products/?section=302&tAction=Search&brid=1169
OK, been trolling the internet looking for those images. What I've found, presuming it's what you're talking about, does look pretty rad.
Here's a random question @NickPollica The Florentine tailoring inspiration behind the Lorenzo > NMWA / Ciro has so far been a single-breasted expression. I'd love to expand my double breasted jacket / suit collection. Have you worked on the DB expression of that cut for future seasons?
Yeah I wanted a chambray shirt, and this is almost exactly what I wanted (popover or not wasn't a huge issue to me—either would do). So, yeah, bummer.
So I bought the chambray popover from Haberdash over the weekend. Got the very last one they had. They marked it in different sizes than the shirt was actually marked—it's size 41/16, but they marked it as Large (dumb). Anyway, while it's an awesome shirt in theory (great fabric, great details, styling, buttons, etc.), the fit is terrible on me. Neck is perfect (the collar is amazing—almost worth keeping just for that), chest is about right, but the body length is really...
New Posts  All Forums: