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That is my initial experience with just two washes. I plan to buy another of the linen cotton blends and added a quarter inch in the neck and another half inch in the length. But I want to break this one in more before pulling the trigger to confirm the shrinkage.
Ahh. This one:http://propercloth.com/fabrics/light-blue-cotton-linen-oxford-1454.html
If this is a question about which placket I got, I did plain front.
I will report back! I bought it for a specific event so I haven't actually worn it yet (though I've had to wash it twice... Long story lol). After I get it into my regular rotation I'll report back!
Big fat fatty here reporting in, just to say I'm a huge fan of the linen cotton Oxford fabric. I've already gushed a bit I know but every time I put it on its softer and more comfortable and lightweight. Also my wide, fat man placket on the Black Fleece shirt I'm wearing currently is awesome. That is all
Looks perfect to me. Unless it's a 52. In which case send it to me
LOL at peoples' reaction to the button fly comment. Definitely will keep my eyes open for the Rota pre-orders from now on now that I know my size. I definitely want the higher rise option if it is still a thing next time.
It's... annoying to say the least. Haha. Not as bad as Formosa though—looks cool, photographs well, is super annoying to actually use. I would seriously contemplate asking my tailor to put a zipper on these lol.
Only super terribly lit mirror iPhone shots. Perhaps I'll have my lovely wife get something better tomorrow.I got the fawn flannel. I've been interested in fawn flannel for a while and I get it; they are just as great as any shade of gray, but they're not... gray. lol.
Hey guys I understand all the love for Rota now. They are great!
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