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That belted cardigan is the bomb. Everyone should buy one. And we'll all wear them—separately, haha. Good fodder for the hater forums, too. Gotta throw those chumps a bone sometimes
To Sander's question: I've thought the same thing, but generally catch myself because how many things that you thought looked awesome 10 years ago look crazy bad to you today? I have no doubt some of my preferences right now will likewise be just as questionable 10 years from now.
haha, of course you got this. nice dude!
Ugh I'm such a bad person to ask that kind of thing lol. It's full canvas. The lapel buttonhole is hand stitched. Otherwise I have no clue what signals of quality I am supposed to know about.Cut-wise, it is dramatically different of course. 2-button, padded shoulders, really long (I bought an L, so the length is 31.5" BOC), narrow lapels with a typical shape (slight belly), etc. I should probably have the waist let out a bit bc when I had it tailored a couple years ago I...
I have been trying to buy only what I consider the basics (i.e. the most versatile pieces first), with an eye to being able to dress seasonally. Only this summer do I feel I've achieved that goal with regard to SCs. Along the way, to pay for (some of) these Eidos pieces, I've gotten rid of everything, save for two items, that wasn't Eidos, since I've found the brand embodies my personal style so well (please buy my herringbone topcoat—it will help me pay for my next SC...
This has nothing to do with the shirt, and isn't really helpful, but I've found totally unlined jackets help—the friction keeps the shirts from moving much in the upper chest and shoulders.
I should get a knit tie in navy. Don't have one somehow.
Nice, man. Welcome to the forum
Does it make sense to wear a navy grenadine tie with white jeans and boat shoes? Whatevs.
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