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i'll buck the trend and say—if you're thin it will look good.are you thin?so a #waywt pic might be the only way to ascertain.but it's not up to me. it's up to you.and mad men seasons 1-4 were awesome.
World's cutest niece. And world's best Eidos jacket. Perfect combination! Eidos jacket, Howard Yount flannels, Meermin dub-monks, Propercloth shirt, Polo tie
awesome sauce. hope it makes all your dreams come true!
looks great dude!
It's perfect. Any smaller and it would look man boob-y. Trust me. I tried on the M and this is how it looked on me
Lost some weight today.My wife remarked "that's enough hair to make a sweater for a dachshund" [[SPOILER]]
my brother and sister-in-law's diapar bag is a Filson
i'd be curious to see waywt pics of this
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