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Here's a side-by-side comparison of the NMWA cut compared to the Tenero cut; same size (52); same season; same fabric (raw silk) in different colors.Ignore my weird arm in the second one with the navy jacket—was moving it around evidently and my wife didn't get a clean snap.It's interesting to me that Antonio says the Tenero is a shorter cut—compared to the Tipo anyway. Because it's either slightly longer or about the same as the NMWA cut (which Greg and Antonio said they...
Advertising Schlafly Kolsch today.Am I too late for the challenge? I wear white pants like every other day, haha. [[SPOILER]]
In which case I thank you. Any less than this would be sad to me.
You know, I threw them on when I first got them and snapped that pic but haven't tried them again. The rise was adequate as far as I can remember at this moment
Absolutely. Hoping you keep this cut around for future seasons—I am eternally frustrated by the lack of higher rise trousers out there. I'd buy both the versions NMWA has just to put my money where my mouth is but it's been an expensive month haha.
So I bought the brown pants to complete the suit from NMWA. I'm embarrassed to say, however, I'm not exactly sure how to wear them. Haven't decided if I want to keep them for sure, in other words. They don't exactly work with my suede loafers which are my go to casual shoes. My dub monks work, but as of now those are really my only shoes that I feel work with them. Suggestions for fits to put together with this? Crappy pic following
haha, i know. it's on my twitter, too
OK fine. Seems I got the last pair in my size, too…
Yeah, this thing is awesome. I would strongly consider it as my next spring/summer jacket after the navy and brown jackets I just picked up. Furreal, though, I'm out of money, sadly…
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