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Amazing navy blue Polo Ralph Lauren blazer from within the last several years. Made in Slovakia, so most likely by Corneliani (?). Three-roll-two jacket, single vent, with brown horn buttons, quarter lining, natural shoulder, unstructured, all that jazz. Here are the measurements: Shoulders: 19 inches (48.25 cm) Chest: 22.5 inches (57.15 cm) Waist (measured across middle button): 21.25 inches (54 cm) Sleeves: 25.5 inches (65 cm) Back length from bottom of collar: 31.25...
Here's a beautiful pair of made-in-England pebble-grain wingtip boots. Worn only for about 5 months, they're in exceptional condition and have years of use ahead of them. Most likely made by Loake. They retailed for $600 originally. Price includes shipping in CONUS; message me if you're somewhere else and we can work something out.
Oh snap beyond excited to get this thing in my hands
Looks great man—is that the linen donegal jacket from bloomies?
A FaceBook friend of mine literally posted this on her page the other day:"I've been citing science as a defense for my laziness and procrastination for a while, but most people love showering too much to stop drying out and abusing their skin."So. You know. Even showering isn't a foregone conclusion.
That's my one and only suit. I do like the idea of the herringbone / tweed combo with that tie—the BB version I have (which is the one currently on sale in their stores) is pretty shiny/smooth, which does contrast well with a woolly tweed. Also, I credit elio with reviving my interest in it—I hadn't worn it in a while and was kinda blah on it until he wore that fit and reminded me how much I love the colors.
That would certainly make all the difference for me...
OK, awesome. So a 52R would likely be A-OK. Thanks Antonio.
hmm, ok interesting—that's the lorenzo from last season pre-greg/antonio collaborative alterations?
Just looked back at your pic—helpful to know your height for reference. That thing looks awesome on you btw.
New Posts  All Forums: