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This is a shirt jacket so the back looks like a shirt. Darts give it shape and there are no vents. It's not fitted basically at all on me. These images are of it unbuttoned but its weird two button front isn't really meant to be buttoned anyway as far as I can tell.
maybe you answered this before, but when you decided to make this next round of jackets 3-roll-2 instead of a 2-button, did you alter the shape of the lapel or alter the cut in any other way visually speaking? Just curious.
man I gotta try these Bella Spalla jackets.
Haha, I'll start a gofundme and start raising funds!
The Kimber jodhpurs from last season. I'd wanted jodhpurs in suede for years, and these are just about perfect. Only the YSL ones for about $1k are close to what I was looking for that I'd found out there. Got these in his passport sale for like $300. Worth every penny—well, after I spent another $10 on some arch support inserts from myfootshop.com lol. But I do that with most new shoes these days.
Yep this is the same size as my normal suit/SC size. [[SPOILER]]
oh snap
Believe it or not, I ran across this photo of a mid-century couch, and now I really want that olive printed jacket at TRUNK....
Let wedding season begin! After a summer of no weddings last year, we're back this year with (at least) 3. And we still have lots of single friends, lol.Playing it cool with our first wedding in the South, but the weather was actually pretty nice.Eidos jacket, Propercloth shirt, Kent Wang tie, J.Crew pocket square and chinos, PRL/AE shoes, and Madewell on the attractive one. [[SPOILER]]
wow, some actually great product photography!
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