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They're non-functioning, but the vents are fully open (i.e. the sleeve lining isn't sewn over the vent). I'll check and make sure about the sleeve lining this afternoon—there probably is an inch at least to lengthen, I'd guess, because I am the first owner of this jacket and I never altered the sleeves.
lol this sounds almost like a superstition: "rub the head of a rubber chicken 3 times, turn around twice, jump up and down facing north 10 times, and reply to the order confirmation email, and you shall receive a reply."I figure he probably just has his "catch up on e-mail day" once a week or something but hates that part of his job the most, so he only does it for 30 minutes at a time, thus catching up slowly.
So I asked my tailor about heel guards, and he said that nobody ever buys them, so if I wanted them I'd have to pay for like 100 yards to be like $50 LOLWent with the plain hem
I'll ask him about a heel guard—taking them in today. Thanks for the suggestion
I want your guys' input: I'm keeping the hopsack trousers, and I'm trying to decide whether to do a normal hem or 2-inch cuff. My first instinct is to do a normal hem, as that just seems more in keeping with the weight of the fabric. But my second thought after that is that with such a lightweight fabric, it might be nice to have the added weight of the cuff to help them drape correctly.
J.Crew's Mcallister was softer and more comfortable out of the box than any Clarks I tried on. Just my input on that thread of conversation... Wedding attire for today. One of my best buds got married. Went full classic normal human regalia ( ie no morning wear lol)—navy suit, spiffed black cap toes, white double cuff shirt, Glen plaid silver tie. With the bride and groom With my brother
Got this Boglioli jacket today in the mail (via eBay), loving it.It's an excellent representation of that jeffreyd post explaining how a shoulder expression is independent of the amount of shoulder padding in a jacket. This jacket has a wonderful natural shoulder expression but fairly major padding. It's very handsome and wonderfully executed. [[SPOILER]]
yeah dude, those are perfect on you. i have yet to find trousers that cut such a fine silhouette on me! @ScottMC
I'm leaning towards keeping them—i'll measure the exact difference tonight. It's like a half inch, which would be a full inch difference in circumference. Within my tolerances—though probably not within manufacturing tolerances.
correct—i actually need to bring the waist of the flannels in—the belt is cinched down to hold them up, and you can see how it's bunching at the waistband.losing weight is expensive, lol
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