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the Eidos brown silk jacket More fit pics here.
Two fits using the same jacket—I know, gauche, but it's just a great jacket.Jacket is Eidos' brown silk via No Man Walks Alone [[SPOILER]]
I'm just under 6'0". If you're wondering about overall fit and whether I should've maybe gone for a 54 instead of a 52, what makes you ask that?
Brown silk NMWA jacketYou were right @NickPollica, I do love it. [[SPOILER]]
Quick 'n Dirty pic. Will post a nicer one maybe tomorrow.52 was the size for me. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Obviously fabric is key here. I'm all about this. I'll give @NickPollica credit for opening my eyes to the idea of a suit in a textured and casual fabric with all the dressed down details you're talking about. Obviously he's not the first to do it—but he's the first dude whose overall aesthetic I've really identified with. Until his example, I figured suits are just not for me and I've been going down the odd jacket path. I just purchased his brown open-weave silk suit...
Will do. I plan to wear it with:white/off-white chinoswhite jeanstypical khaki chinos (probably)lightweight very light gray hopsack wool trousersdark denimfaded denimIn other words, every pair of pants I own I was just telling my wife that last year, I really wanted a tobacco-linen or lightweight wool sportcoat (suitsupply had a linen one; Derek at dieworkwear did a group buy for some tobacco fresco). I missed the boat on that last year, but tbh, I have a sneaking...
Not a sale-related post, but BB-related; I'll put it in a spoiler tag, how about that? [[SPOILER]]
I was having trouble falling asleep at 1am saturday night when my mind recalled the SF discount (having never purchased anything here, I kept forgetting about it). As one does at 1am after a round or two of bourbon, I made my first NMWA purchase: the raw silk brown Eidos sportcoat (last one in my size it would appear) I've been lusting after. Beyond excited to get my hands on it. By the way, I've got some stuff for sale—wanna help me afford this thing?
It did seem like the R would work for me just fine. Whether the 52L would be too long or not, who knows.I'll post a pic when I get it!
New Posts  All Forums: