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you da bomb.both excellent specimens.perhaps i will start a gofundme to be able to purchase one
would love to see a side by side pic of Eidos green herringbone and Formosa green herringbone
was really expecting there was going to be a crotch shot accompanying this post
Two years ago I got an amazing deal due to the Veterans Day sale. So don't count this one out guys.My particular deal was that I had ordered a pair of boots that were like half off into my local store, and I just so happened to go in to the shop during the Veterans Day weekend to check them out. I tried them on and decided to go ahead and buy and when they rang up they rang up at what was 70-80% off bc of the Veterans Day sale.Actually this is a smart ploy in general. If...
Lol this is what it's meant for!That said I underpacked slightly so most days I was sweating it up in tees and shorts (or in the pool). This image was right after I showered coming back from flyboarding so I put on something sorta clean lol.
I got to release a baby sea turtle into the ocean last week. I wore my lupo for the occasion. Thought I'd share 😎
belted cardi is more rare i'd say, so this isn't the end of the world. the scott and charters style of cardi will be around forever so you can get one of them next year!
Actually I did get those brown trousers and that's basically my only suit now.Pic of my wife and I at a wedding on Saturday (at the Columbus zoo): [[SPOILER]] And yeah it's usually worth it to pick up the corresponding pants if they're available. These brown ones never get worn without the jacket but the fabric and color on the current season pants in question seems that you could break it up and they'd get lots of wear.
The oversized belted coat reminded me of when I used to wear my brother's belted Barbour coat when we lived together.. It was a size too large for me but I'd cinch it down and it was actually pretty awesome.
Haha same here. Except I don't own one. Was looking to get a versatile piece I could wear over tailoring as well as on it's own. The shorter length doesn't work I guess.Oh well. I guess trolling eBay is my fate.Anyone selling a 52 field jacket let me know
New Posts  All Forums: