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Not yet—would like to, though
No need to apologize, I'm happy with it. But I'm also interested in trying various other cuts as Antonio continues to refine his aesthetic.
for @Monkeyface 😘 [[SPOILER]]
legitimatelly, thanks. forwarded that video, mcfox, on to my coworkers in our slack channel.now back to our regularly scheduled eidos fanboy club…
Is there a yoga pose for improving your robopose for Styleforum? I must admit I've never had a very good one.
you may be right that some of your other observations may contribute to a silhouette you don't like—but the lack of lining legitimately is the cause of the X-effect of this jacket in that photograph.
Waist—actually it appears that way but is not. What you're seeing is a side effect of it being unlined and my posture.Quarters too open—actually what you're seeing is wind (no joke). Also take into account my posture in the photo/my stanceLength—actually if I were to turn around you'd see it's the right length—maybe 1cm short but within my acceptable range of length
Interesting, guys. I do love it quite a bit—ever since I saw the Florentine cut on Alan at the Armoury I fell in love with the sweeping lapels and curvature through the hem. Never thought I'd be able to try something similar.I feel a slight preference for Tenero as well. To me I just feel like it accentuates my leanness and height a little better (which I've worked to attain and maintain the last year). But then again maybe what I need is something that broadens my...
Here's a side-by-side comparison of the NMWA cut compared to the Tenero cut; same size (52); same season; same fabric (raw silk) in different colors.Ignore my weird arm in the second one with the navy jacket—was moving it around evidently and my wife didn't get a clean snap.It's interesting to me that Antonio says the Tenero is a shorter cut—compared to the Tipo anyway. Because it's either slightly longer or about the same as the NMWA cut (which Greg and Antonio said they...
Advertising Schlafly Kolsch today.Am I too late for the challenge? I wear white pants like every other day, haha. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: