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Thanks! The Narrows wasn't "fun," per se, but was totally worth the sights and memories.Which boots, lol? My desert boots are the Allen Edmonds Mojave. The river boots, I don't recall the brand; rentals from Zion Adventure Co.
Recovery outfit today after a two day trek down the Virgin Narrows and a two day hike through Coyote Gulch before that. [[SPOILER]]
Ludlow Seconds?
Has anybody inspected or purchased and could comment on the quality of their ludlow shoes? I'm very interested, because if it's on par with, say, Allen Edmonds, but would be subject to their continual discounts, they could be a nice way to get some good basics at a good price, with a good return policy (alternatives being Meermin in Spain, which is a risk due to enormous shipping costs, or Jack Erwin whose aesthetic may not appeal to everybody). The new penny loafer looks...
Usually post on the "classic" side but am considerably casual today. J.Crew garrison jacket BB OCBD Levi's 501 Asolo hiking boots (breaking in new insoles for upcoming trip)
Got some new suede loafs (the RL's that went down to $150), made by AE. Love 'em. Perfect color of suede. They're replacing a pair of suede brown longwings (Peal & Co.'s) that I had fit issues with. I figure these occupy the same general space in wardrobe terms as the longwings did, only these have a nicer shape, and a better fit (so far).Tried 'em on with yesterday's fit. Wearing them today with a more casual fit. [[SPOILER]]
thanksEhh. To me, there really are only navy socks.
Shades of blue and white. [[SPOILER]] [Face blocked due to tragically stupid facial expression]
I told Ben I'd have my wife take some better fit pics of my Classico II navy suit to post in the thread.Here they are, as promised.My wife says she can do much better though—I insisted we take them when the lighting was difficult, so she did as best she could, but she can do much better.Anyway, here you go. [[SPOILER]]
That's what I was afraid of!
New Posts  All Forums: