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you know it's interesting what @NickPollica said on that podcast, which he has echoed here recently, which is that his goal is to just make clothes a guy doesn't have to think too hard about and will be worn everyday. lots of folks here have said they do indeed wear eidos almost everyday. i'd be tempted to say, 'well obviously any clothing retailer/designer/whoever has people wearing their clothes day-in-day-out as a primary goal,' but frankly i'm not sure that's true....
Started out all tradly trad yesterday but then had to change to go out and do some location scouting and other stuff. [[SPOILER]]
The old "Made in Italy" cut. Mid-weight flannel in a mid-gray. Barely worn, and in excellent condition. There are two small invisible issues with the fabric (see pics). Waist: 18.5” Thigh: 13” Inseam: 30” Fabric to let it out 2” 2” cuff Hem width: 8”
Actually on mine, I would simply leave them in until the stone broke or fell out—which happened on the first couple jackets I bought. But then the quality of the glue on the back of the stone must've improved, and now they always stay in. So I decide jacket by jacket whether to remove or leave in.
Also definitely remove the Jaguar from your car's hood if you drive one—that is, unless you're being paid to.
Yesterday's fit Corneliani ID jacket, Brooks Brothers shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren tie and square, J.Crew trousers
Yeah I guess I'm pretty much Eidos everyday—at least one piece. Today's kit: Thompson cardi, Marcus chambray sportshirt and Eidos x Kimber jodhpurs (with Billy Reid ashland pants).
Turns out my pea coat fits over some of my sport coats. Went a little George Washington for the heck of it lol. Awful evening spotlight lighting.
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