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I've got to admit, comparing the design of these to the Loake 1880 Burford, these seem like Loake to me. Identical as far as I can tell.Lettering inside:
I'll look tonight and post a pic!Yep, went with my normal size, 11D. I'm an 11D US (10D UK) straight across the board in almost every shoe I've ever tried on, even the Indy boots I sold to buy these, which recommended a half size down.Mmm, those do look similar, nail pattern and everything. I'll post photos of the inside lettering tonight.
I believe C&J.Nail pattern
Who'd have thought a mid-season sale like the Veterans would yield such amazing deals on shoes? I cannot believe the deal I got on these C&J wingtip boots! When they dropped to $299 last week, I called my SA at my store and he ordered a pair into the store for me, and he assured me they'd honor the price in case they went back up. Went to go get them last night, and when they rang them up, I discovered they'd dropped to $179. Unbelievable. I never would've guessed they'd...
they're a great product, so if you can get them second-hand or if you know your size for sure, they're great (just got another pair of flannels from a friend, and they're really nice).but yeah, supporting his terrible customer service is only exacerbating the issue
A word of warning:Recently I sent back some pants to him after he did not reply to the 5-6 emails I sent asking for a return. I used the address he had given me in the past for returns, sent it insured, and tracked it on its journey.Because I had it insured and required signature for delivery (I didn't want my $150 pants just left on a door stoop in some apartment building or who knows what in NYC), the postal worker left a notice for him at the address—it was never picked...
Updated with more photos.
These are a couple years old, and I've lost all kinds of weight, so they're huge on me now. Cuffed with 2-inch cuff. The color accuracy is best in the closer photos. It's a really nice, rich brown color. Measurements Waist: 18.5" Thigh (measured 2 inches down from crotch seam): 12.75" Ankle: 8.5" Inseam: 29.5"
New Posts  All Forums: