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^totally agree. I've been so close to pulling the trigger so many times on a horizontal stripey one.
light blue actually, both.
$8 indigo dyeing kit on Amazon (it's gone up to $10). My shirt is cotton-linen. I also did a pure-linen shirt with the same results. And a cotton-poly pocket square as well. All three took the dye well. A fun afternoon project. This site has some pics of the process: http://www.heddels.com/2014/04/backyard-guide-indigo-dyeing/
Yeah i've contemplated dipping it again. I'll wear it a few times and see how I feel.
An indigo dyeing experiment on this shirt. Would maybe want it to be darker (mental note for next time), but also thinking maybe this will fade into the perfect shade after some washes.
They've popped up on eBay. There's a size 46 on eBay right now, though I have no clue what your size is.
whew, i wear 52R. Glad we won't have to duel.Enjoy! They both look great!
52 or 54?j/w in case you decided that shepherds check isn't for you...
yeah by no means am i saying don't get the jacket or avoid it. just that i was surprised when, while on a trip, wearing it all day while traveling (unexpectedly having to travel a long way otherwise I would have dressed differently), i took off my jacket to discover color having come off on my shirt. it doesn't bother me
looks really, really similar to my raw silk jacket from last spring/summer (if not identical). I've posted pics of it here before. It's 1 of my 2 favorite Eidos jackets I own (of 5).BTW those raw silks—if this is indeed the same fabric—have given me color fast-ness issues in the armpits. The lack of lining means if I sweat and it's hot, the color rubs off on my shirts. It's actually stained one shirt permanently (the color fades with each wash but still).I'm going to sew...
New Posts  All Forums: