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Haha, who knows—the boots are great.
Just checked and they're back to $300…
Bumped. Great coat, amazed nobody wants it!
Festive pants. Need one size up. I presumed Land's End wouldn't actually do "slim fit" but boy was I wrong, haha.
Thanks! I'm trying to break them in, and they're coming along nicely. I've owned one pair of Loake boots before, but these are way, way nicer. Perhaps those others weren't 1880 level quality.
Posted about the great deal I got on these boots in the Brooks Brothers thread, and in the ensuing discussion learned that these are made by Loake 1880—probably the Burford II model.
thanks! yeah you're probably right. I just love this tie and don't wear it as often as i want toi actually relish the opportunity to wear these! normally i feel so silly putting them on to walk 25 feet from my door to my car, then 25 feet from the car to my office door. but i was too lazy to shovel the walkway last night so I wore them out of necessityLosing 20 pounds helped me in that regard, LOL. Also, I have a long torso just naturally. Also, the angle is great for...
Blinding snow (built-in reflector/bounce card!).
I don't think you get a choice. You are given whichever one based on your credit score—a higher score, platinum MC; lower score, brooks card.
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